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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It's been a pretty quiet couple of weeks, but below are a few fun pics.

We're VERY excited to head up to Michigan this weekend for Chad and Kate's wedding! We'll be there Thursday - Sunday and it feels like a little vacation. Otherwise, I have a couple auditions coming up - one in San Fran, another in New York, and Brad's been traveling for some job fairs at Purdue, Butler and soon IU. (Roche's relationship with the area universities is one of Brad's new projects at work.) Keeping busy!

And how 'bout those Colts? What a game on Sunday! We had a blast grilling out with Bob and Bonnie and having our own little football party. We were all pretty nervous during the first half, but ended up jumping up and down and screaming by the end. Such an exciting comeback! Great to be back in Colts country.

Miriam and I had a really fun girls' night out in Broad Ripple recently. Just like old times. And I like how our drinks match our dresses. Nice touch.

And while we were out we ran into our good friend, Ellen.

Jenny and I both were in Florida a couple weekends ago for an audition with an opera company down there. We made a long weekend out of it at Mom and Dad's. It was really fun to have the four of us together again. Doesn't happen often these days!

One of my big big projects this weekend was staining the beautiful bar my Dad made for me during his visit. I was very nervous to delve into it - I've never stained ANYTHING before! I think it turned out well though. Next, time to apply the poly coats. I'll be sure to post pictures once the bar is finally finished and in our loft.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lucas Oil Stadium

On August 23rd Bob, Bonnie, Brad and I went to the new Lucas Oil Stadium, the new home of the Colts, to watch Zionsville (our high school) play Lafeyette Jefferson. All weekend they had invited area high school football teams to play match ups at the stadium. I thought it was a great idea to give people the chance to see inside. Everyone in the city has been very excited about its opening, but tickets to Colts games are hard to come by!

We also got a short tour of the stadium during the game. It is SO beautiful. Here are a bunch of shots from our visit:

Walking up to the main entrance:

Right outside the entrance doors is this horseshoe in the pavement:

The main entrance - you walk underneath those two race cars. On the wall over the doors are pictures of players and coaches and it reads: Lucas Oil Stadium: A House Built by Champions

In front of you as you enter the stadium are these huge, stacked horseshoes.

The view from the press box:

As Brad said, the sponsors certainly got their money's worth! This is the hallway for Huntington Bank.

All over the building are bigger than life pictures of players. I love this one of Marvin.

Zionsville on the big screen!

This window, which looks over the Indy skyline, opens, as does the roof.

I couldn't believe how many fans came from little ol' Zville!

Maybe the coolest part of the tour was walking through the tunnel onto the field.