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Thursday, February 12, 2009

I’m sitting in Vermont as I write this. Brad and I are on vacation using my parents place near Woodstock. From what I have heard, it has been quite warm in Indianapolis since we left. The following pictures are from a couple weeks ago. We were supposed to just get 1-3 inches. That obviously wasn’t the case! You should have seen me trying to shovel our long driveway. I only made it halfway.

Recently I've been taking Gracie to Therapy Dog classes. We've completed the three weekend classes and now are going to work with her for a while longer before taking the exam. The hard part will be weaning her off of treats while training. There are no treats allowed during the exam and she is VERY food motivated! Next, we are starting the classes with Cal and Luke. I don' t know that our older-rescue boys will ever be able to pass the test, but the classes are so great and they learn so much. Shepherds certainly love a challenge!

Below, Gracie mugging for the camera as we practice different kinds of greetings. Gracie has to sit and stay right by my side while I shake hands and talk with different people, some of which may be holding dogs of their own! She is a star at this part of the class - never a mistake.

Practicing sitting and staying with all three at home.

Practicing down and stay

There will be more pics from Vermont coming soon, but these were soon after we arrived. Our dogs were completely amazed at the amount of snow. They thought they had seen a lot of snow in Indiana! But their favorite part was visiting the couple of cows down the street. (Ah, Vermont.) Gracie and Luke weren’t sure if they should guard us from them, but Cal froze, stared them down, and started slinking around, ready to herd. The cows were not so impressed (and already contained in a small fence).

Tell me this: Could you have a better night than watching a college ball game with some friends over dinner, grabbing some drinks and then going to hear a fabulous 80’s cover band while wearing a Jem t-shirt? I know, pretty fabulous. That’s what we did with Jason, Lauren, Ryan, Monique and some other Zionsville friends. Butler won the game and Hairbangers Ball were great at The Vogue. And my Jem t-shirt is classic. Truly outrageous.
Lauren, me

Everyone cramming into the Vogue to see Hairbangers Ball.

Brad, me

Lauren singing along - love that picture.