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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mostly August

Ashley’s Vaughan’s Shower! There will be pics of the bachelorette and wedding coming soon!

Ashley displaying her bouquet of bows after opening presents

Ash and her mom, Andrea, being toasted

Our Alpha Phi friend, Amy, working on the bouquet

Alpha Phi’s reunited – Amy, Me, Miriam

I needed to get a pretty bag for my gift (a dust buster – very glamourous, right?) before the shower. The cute little shop I went to kinda over did it, but I was very proud of my pretty present.

Brad went with me for the shower/engagement party weekend and we stayed with our good friends, Nate and Amanda Crisel. I finally got to see their beautiful home in Libertyville and also meet their dogs, Harley and Midge.

At the beginning of August I sang in a concert with Full Circle Music here in Indy. What a wonderful experience! To get to sing with some old Butler friends was an amazing treat. They are all so talented and supportive. Thanks for a great time and to everyone who came to watch!
Tim, Elizabeth, Jessica, Kyle, Lexa and me

Mom came into town for the concert. I love it when my parents come to visit because I get free voice lessons, we have an excuse to visit our favorite restaurants, and we get a ton done around the house!
Dinner with mom and the Todds on the roof at Dunaway’s, downtown Indy.

While I was at rehearsals for the concert, Mom was having parties at my house! When I came home one night I fournd her entertaining my BU diction teacher, Sheri Stormes, my BU accompanist, Cathy Bringerud and one of our dearest family friends, Cindy Wacker.

Mom and I finished the front of the house! We now have a lovely walkway and a beautiful Japanese Maple. No one will be confused which is the front door anymore!

After Brad came home from his bourbon tasting weekend in Kentucky he displayed his bourbon purchases quite proudly. And somehow I found a water pitcher from his favorite distillery at an antique store in Vermont!

More home improvements below. I'm a bit over excited about anything related to projects around the house. It's so fun to finally get to make some big changes!

Now, with the new farm sink! Next, tiling the backsplash and possibly new cabinet doors!

Before in the pool table room – all beige.

My first few sheets are staying up! Never wallpapered before. Hard work!

9 hours of wallpapering and lots of sore muscles later.

After the concert I helped mom drive a moving truck back to Vermont. Then I got to spend a week there. Mom and I went hiking up a nearby mountain most mornings.

The view near mom’s friend’s home.

In the beautiful gardens outside the Barnard Inn, one of our favorite restaurants.

Dad always requests the table under the antelope. Seriously, those exact words.

The weekend I was there was Taste of Woodstock! Mom and I had fun shopping the sidewalk sales and eating yummy cookies.

Dad’s typical position while watching TV, usually flanked by an animal or two.

20 lb. Gershwin always looks like he is about to roll right off the couch.

While I was gone, Kim Chometsky (wife of Keith, Brad’s good PU friend) came to visit with their kids, Kenna and Kalen. The kids, who really want a dog!, had a lot of fun playing with our three. Our dogs think kids are just about the coolest things ever.

One of my best students of all time, Hannah, just left to study voice at Belmont. Before she left she gave a wonderful recital for her friends and family. Hope all is going well, Hannah!

August is also State Fair time! I didn’t get to go last year, so we made sure to make a trip this year. Tyler and Adrienne showed us the ropes.

Going to look at the bunnies and chicks. Can’t believe there is actually a bunny over the door.

Very clear, somewhat disturbing sign.

The prize-winning 1100 lb pig. Unbelievably huge.

Tyler was first to try the fried brownie. The verdict? A revelation. I highly recommend it!

Obviously, Brad really enjoyed it too.

Ready for our first preseason Colts game! Hard to see on Cal and Gracie, but the dogs were all sporting their football scarves and collars.

Doesn’t this make you want to rescue a dog? Recently Luke’s “bum” ear has been standing up almost all the time! Guess he just needed a year of good nutrition and 20 more lbs. It’s ironic because the reason he was a rescue is that his ear wouldn’t stand up. Thank goodness or we would never have gotten him! Now he has the classic shepherd looks everyone wants. We love our non-breed-standard dogs!
Before - One year ago

Now! One happy, healthy shepherd.