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Monday, September 13, 2010

Wrapping up the Summer

August means our annual trip the the Indiana State Fair with Tyler and Adrianne! We are starting to have quite the routine: Head to our favorite corn dog stand as soon as we get there, Tyler will also need a lemon shakeup, see what other fair food is new that year and we need to try, see some animals/vegetables, finish off with funnel cake/elephant ear/nachos, grab a fried brownie on our way out. (Most of that we share, I promise. And if you are Tyler, you need another corn dog and lemon shakeup. Amazing.)

Our favorite tent, The Pork Tent, had this year's signature food - the garbage burger. We got one and split it four ways. SO GOOD. A pork burger with pulled pork BBQ on top. They better have that again next year. I might need my own.

The crazy food everyone was talking about was the cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme doughnut. We got one of those to share, too. Surprisingly good, I thought. Brad wasn't a fan.

Tyler and Adianne considering one of the giant pumpkins.

We love to look at the beans on plates. How do they choose the blue ribbon winners? It's fabulous. Many of the winning vegetables are past their prime by the time we make it to the fair. It makes the viewing somewhat comical.

One of the giant prize-winning pigs!

Everyone wanted to see the twin baby lambs. So cute.

Last year we ran into our friends, Christina and Stan. Guess who we ran into this year?! Considering that we went on a random Wednesday night, it is pretty amazing that we saw them again. I'll be looking for you guys in 2011.

In other News:

Miriam and I had a fun night out at Tastings downtown, my new favorite spot. Unfortunately, on my way there a group of protesting bikers on the circle assaulted my truck! A quick call to 911 took care of the problem, but it was scary nonetheless. I definitely needed that wine tasting by the time I got there to meet Miriam. We went on to have a fun night, as always.

Another favorite new spot in town is Oakley's Bistro. So good! Had a great lunch with Tim and Steve there. My moroccan-spiced chicken tart was really yummy.

As some of you may have seen on Facebook, I've done a couple dog rescue transports recently. It's a really easy way to volunteer for dog rescue - you just drive a one hour leg of a large transport, which moves dogs from bad situations in one part of the country to no-kill rescues or adoptive homes in another. As you can tell below, it's been the season for puppies! I've had a pit puppy, a black and tan mix, and five dalmation puppies. Ridiculously cute and sweet, all of them. We also had a very sweet Papillon. If you want a dog, check your rescues via!

Adoption Update:
On August 23rd we received another adoption referral (after our first fell through due to some random red tape with the Ethiopian government)! I was waiting until we chose a name to spread the word. So, we're looking forward to welcoming Levi (means "united" and was chosen by us - used here and in Ethiopia) Abreham (given to him by his birth family) Adane (his birth family name - means "he saves") Todd. It's a mouthful, but represents his past and future, we think. He's currently 6 mos. old. We hope to bring him home just after the holidays and will keep you all posted!

We celebrated with a lovely bottle of wine which Brad's Swiss boss gave him when he left Switzerland. Thanks, Martin!

Elizabeth and Keith came into town recently for a race at the track and stayed with us. We had a FABULOUS dinner at Recess, which I highly recommend. We're looking forward to visiting their new home in Crown Point in October!

After dinner we went to The Roadside Cafe, which is right near our house and I had never been to. It's quite the funny spot, as you'll be able to tell from the deer (which was hanging over our table) below.

Our favorite course at Recess that night (they have one menu each night and it changes every day) was the Ovaltine chocolate pudding, which was served in little mason jars. Yummy and adorable.

It may have been Karaoke night at The Roadside Cafe. Keith and Brad are pretty darn good!