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Monday, January 3, 2011

Wrapping Up 2010, Part 1

Thinking back I thought that October and November were pretty low key, but it seems there was still plenty to report! More to come soon with Christmas and our recent trip to Ethiopia.

Girls' nights at Jen's have become a staple. Jen found us homemade marshmallows for s'mores recently at a farmers market. Highly recommend that move.

Always love seeing our friends, Ryan and Monique, sing at Birdy's. They addition of Molly's voice was great too. She and Monique blend really well!

Miriam and I received an alumnae invite from our old Alpha Phi house at Butler to celebrate their philantrhopy kickoff. Wow, was that funny to see. All the fratnerities performed and they had hilarious t-shirts on. Much more organized than I remember my days in the house.

Brad, Miriam, our friend, Doug, and I saw Anthony Bourdin and Eric Rippert speak at Clowes Hall here in Indy. So fun and interesting!

Elizabeth and Keith have begun a new Oktoberfest tradition. I wish I'd taken a picture of the piles of homemade pretzels and fabulous bratwurst. Believe me, we ate well that night!

Another new tradition - carving pumpkins at Tyler and Adrianne's! Brad had actually never carved one himself. (Well, still hasn't - after this picture I took over the actual carving.)

Pumpkin Class of 2010 - mine is second from the right with the goofy smile!

Louis came down to visit for a weekend. We ate our way through the city (FABULOUS meal at Recess) and had a grand ol' time, as always.

We were excited to help our great friends, Lauren and Jason Brown, celebrate their son, Will's, 1st birthday! Love everyone gathering below to watch the big cake moment. Could Will be any cuter? Looking forward to play dates very soon!

Our 7th Anniversary was in November. As is our tradition we have a "stay-cation" here in Indy and go to a Colts game.

During our anniversary weekend we also attended a wedding reception for a good high school friend, Emily Hayden. Wonderful to see old friends. Emily and her husband, Mathias, live in Boston, so we don't get to see them often.
Alli, Emily, Me, Stephanie

Right after Emily's reception we had a gathering with the Ethiopian adoption ministry at the Ethiopian church here in Indy. It was their end of the year cultural celebration and was a truly wonderful event for the packed house. The women of the church made all approximately 200 of us an amazing meal!

The head of the church, Pastor Yosef, singing a song with the children.

For Thanksgiving we had a wonderful vacation at my parents' in Florida for a week.
Brad, Dad and Mom at Mom and Dad's wonderful church. We really enjoyed R.C. Sproul's sermon.

All dressed up and at the club for their amazing buffet on Thanksgiving.

All week we have quite the house full with the five dogs. They are fun and really love each other.

Walking on the beach and eating at one of our favorite seafood shacks, Snack Jack's.

Out in St. Augustine, all decorated for the holidays.

Fun with Food
I conducted quite the cooking experiments this fall. Brad started calling it Meagan's Test Kitchen.
There was the Baby Back Rib Experiment

Brad's plate before and after. Ha!

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Experiment - 17 recipes tested to find our favorite.

Getting a system down for drying pasta.

The Baked Chicken Experiment

The new bread recipes - this is a new favorite, a rustic olive loaf

And this is what happens when you make so much bread that you have to buy your flour at Costco and you leave a 10 lb. bag out on the counter with three German Shepherds and run to the store for 20 minutes. Whoops. And guess what? There is NO good way to clean up 10 lbs. of flour except to throw everything away.

Gracie and I have been back to our therapy dog fun at a local elementary school. This is Gracie waiting for the door to open. She does this when we get in our room - stares at the door and waits for her friends to come in.

Gracie listening

Luke hogging beds.