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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Levi at Home, Month 3 / Spring 2011

Levi's 4th month at home JUST ended yesterday and I'm JUST now getting up Month 3! Oh well. Hopefully, Month 4 will follow shortly.

Month 3 was pretty great. Levi continued to adjust extremely well. Some of his Month 3 firsts included standing all by himself, eating mostly table food, going to his first event in a stadium (pep rally at Hinkle - was a bit overwhelming for him), took his first car trip, learned to drink from a straw and how to climb stairs, and started going to church! Sleep was difficult thanks to teething and also still just some basic adjustment. We continued to average just about 2-4 hours a night, but our days were very cheerful and fun, as you'll be able to see below!

March Madness Fun! We had a great time rooting Butler on to yet another championship game this year! Viewing parties with friends, pep rallies at Butler, Levi in his Butler gear. It was another memorable season.

Will Brown having a meal in Levi's seat during a game.

All the kids and future kids watching a game!

Fun on campus

Where I lived for three years at Butler, the Alpha Phi house.

Thanking the team for another amazing season at the thank you rally in Hinkle!

Levi still loves Cal perhaps best, but Luke is now tied or a very close second. Levi loves to crawl all over him and especially enjoys sitting on his bed with him. Luke is an angel and calmly lets him pounce on him.

The fun of eating with Levi. Lauren Brown gave us a baby cereal bar, which he loved, and which also ended up all over him, as well as some cheese on his head. Great fun.

The Browns also gave him two of his favorite books, Brown Bear and Green Eggs and Ham. This is his face as I read him Green Eggs and Ham. Also a fun video. Books are just about his favorite thing now. To think, four months ago he had never seen one!

Just love this picture. Took it while playing in the front yard.

Levi discovered our big mirror. It was a huge hit, as you can see. He loved giving baby Levi kisses (he was very big on giving everyone kisses constantly for a while there) and looking to see if that baby was behind the mirror. Since then he has figured the whole thing out and the mirror isn't "cool" anymore. (That was SO Month 3.) I'm really glad I snapped these while he was still fascinated.

Fun at the Metzings! We got to meet their new addition, Dexter the Boxer, and Lilly and Lucy got to meet Levi for the first time.

Levi's first out of town trip! We went to Hinkley, IL, where Brad's mom's family is all from, for a family wedding. It was such a wonderful celebration and a great chance for everyone to meet Levi.
Fun at the reception with Nana and Grandpa

We stayed with Brad's cousin, Erin, her husband Nate, and their son, Graham. What a blast! Graham and Levi were fast friends and the adults enjoyed having time to catch up. Looking forward to future visits already.

Is there anything better than a little kid dancing? Graham has MOVES! I think Levi was impressed. Now, about Brad's moves....

Nap time at Great Aunt Judy's between the wedding and reception. The comfy carpet works as well as a crib for our heavy sleeper!

Special pictures at the family farm (where the reception was held). Brad spent a lot of his childhood here and this is the house where Bonnie grew up!

One way to keep Levi busy in a restaurant - give him a to-go lid. Great for teething, apparently.

Welcome to the Midwest, Levi! Nothing like a tornado warning sending all six of us to the cellar for the night. Levi thought it was a fantastic adventure.

We meet Brad a lot for lunches. Apparently Levi was very happy to see him this day. He would take a bite and then hug Brad's arm through the whole lunch. All together now: "Awwwwww!"

What happens with a one year-old and a white table cloth (family date night!): Peek-a-boo.

When he gets wiggly we usually end up taking out Brown Bear and reading.

Aw...was supposed to go somewhere when I took this picture, but just couldn't bring myself wake him up.

Levi's Chair Picture, Month 3!