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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Levi at Home, Month 5

Me and my boy. We do have a lot of fun all day every day! I already feel it going too fast and am trying to soak up every little moment. It's hard to believe that all too soon he won't want me to hold him all day every day, tickle him, give him kisses, and snuggle at night. (Yes, sleep continued to be a trial in month 5. I was still sleeping in his room every night and he always ended up in bed with me for at least a chunk of the night. Some transition issues still, but mostly teething.) At only 5 months home he already seemed somewhere between a baby and a little boy. So, I'm definitely making the most of it while it lasts. Below is more of my babbling and this month's pictures....Month 6 coming soon, as it is now almost over. Yikes!

Working in the garden with me. We set up a pool with sand in it, but he would much rather pull up plants. I'm looking forward to the day when I can explain what is a vegetable and what is a weed!

Our first feverish sick day. Other than one cold, Levi has been very healthy since he got home. Then in the middle of the night one night I woke up to find him very hot. His fever was around 102, but there was nothing to worry about. Just a 24-hour fever going around with the babies, the doctor said. Sure enough, later that day he was fine. But it was the first time he wanted to lay on the couch for hours on end. That was strange to see! He LITERALLY never stops moving on a normal day! So, I snapped this with my phone as we watched some Yo Gabba Gabba.

Miriam and Brian came over to witness Levi's new walking skills and then (more importantly) for some grownup time. Yum, Delullo's pizza followed by a bourbon tasting. (Well, Miriam and I stuck to wine. The boys enjoyed their bourbon, at least.)

Best decision since we brought Levi home? Joining the Children's Museum. To have the largest one in the world in our own backyard is such a life saver on rainy or hot days. We go about once a week and Levi has the best time!

Posing in front of an actual transformer from the movies. (I'm always surprised the kids aren't scare of it as it turns around and around.)

Climbing in the under 2 play area.

Saying hi to Diego with our friend, Wilson, from music class.

Levi's first ride on the museum's famous historic carousel. I loved riding it when I was little!

Dining with bears.

My first spontaneous gift shop purchase: a dog puppet. There is a similar one used in our (completely unrelated) weekly music class, and there was no way Levi was leaving the museum without one of his own once he saw it.

Now that we are members we get to bring two guests with us any time we want! That means fun outings with friends, like Elizabeth Mott and her sweet twins, Caleb and Noah.

Levi loves the splash park! We have one just minutes away and since the weather is so warm we go a few times a week. He also loves the walking path where they've painted shapes, colors and letters.

We are now proud members of Connor Praire, a historic farm and museum. Levi loves playing in their indoor exploring area for kiddos, their jungle gym (where he organizes mulch), and they always have farm animals roaming around to pet. We go about once a week now. His favorite thing, of course, is organizing hay and offering it to the animals. And he insists that every four-legged animal is a dog. The boy is obsessed.

We've started taking Levi out to people's homes in the evenings with the intention of him sleeping in his pack 'n play after dinner. This particular night after dinner at the Smith's he stayed awake for our walk down to Dairy Queen. Who could blame him?

Ah, the climbing began in Month 5. There was about a two week period when he could walk well and didn't need a spotter, but wasn't climbing yet. Those were a great two weeks. Then one day I turned around and saw him sitting on the couch like it was no big deal. And I'm back to spotting all day...

Tupperware is still a hit and his towers are becoming more complex. Levi is very concentrated and exact when he works on his creations. Very funny. And apparently he needs every piece of tupperware I have in order to be inspired.

As you can tell, Levi's love affair with Luke continues. And the dogs have begun coming to the park with us too. They each get a day out now and then and Levi loves the company in the car.

Growing, growing! Chair picture, Month 5. Levi is very tall, though still lanky. But he's now "on the chart" weight-wise, even if it is just the one percentile. So, those 7 meals a day are paying off!

Books are still the biggest obsession (besides dogs, of course) and we continue to read a lot in the high chair (he's still). Dr. Suess's There's a Wocket in My Pocket is top 3, at the moment, and always gets great reactions.