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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Month 7 with Levi (And some fun sans bebe too!)

Month 7! How time is flying. As I write this month 8 is almost in the books too. At some point I guess I will have to stop doing posts that are themed, "Month Whatever with Levi." (If when he is 21 I'm saying "Month 240 with Levi" we can all say I've gone too far.) But for now, each month seems to separate itself with its own identity and firsts.

Levi's firsts for the month included: Actually started playing WITH other kids, not just beside them; opened the back door!; brings us things we ask for; knows which car is ours; pointed to my nose; built our first blanket forts; started saying "mamamama" and said "cat"; slept all the way through the night 2 nights in a row (hasn't happened since....sigh); hugs us tight around the neck A LOT; picked his own raspberries to eat in the garden; throws balls for the dogs; started rolling trains/cars; tried to do Itsy Bitsy Spider, loves to sweep and Swiffer; can use a fork pretty well!

Everyone always asks for the sleep update and there is really no new news. He's now slept through the night only 4 times total. Otherwise, I would say he wakes me up about 4 times a night, though it isn't infrequent for it to be as many as 7. Now and then he stays up for a couple hours here and there crying, or just dozes all night, thrashing around. Those nights I don't remember sleeping at all, though it must have happened at some point? His one nap runs from 1 - 2 hours, in general. We still need to answer every need, and when I think of all he has been through it isn't surprising he's still adjusting. He's one happy boy during the day though!

Enjoying his first "fort" experience
He also loves sitting in his chair like a big boy.
How our group has grown! We had a fun dinner at the Hoskins with the Metzings and Browns. Lots of kiddos!
Going to watch Grandpa Bob clog at the Boone County State Fair! Levi was determined to run up to the stage and join in.
Such fun to hide behind things and pop out at me.
At Tyler and Adrianne's annual cookout - Levi's first chocolate chip cookie. Obviously, a new love. A boy after my own heart.
Obsessed with Zoe the dog.
"What is this thing for?"
One morning we were lucky enough to have the splash park at West Park all to ourselves.
Holding his own cheese. Such simple things are such a big deal!
And no more tray - pulled up to the table like a big boy.
Saying goodbye to my dear student, Kirstin, before she heads to college.
Loving on Nanny, who came to help while Brad was gone on a guys' trip.
Taking Dad to The Children's Museum.
First time sitting on his own horse on the carousel.
So many uses for bowls and tupperware!
A play date with Polly, Adelaide, and Oliver! So great to see them as they passed through on their way to Louisville. Thank you, Ali and Wilson, for hosting!
First time at the lake and on a boat!
And on the tube!
The advantage to being the first ones up? Beautiful views of the lake. (I'm sure that is what prompted Levi to get up at 5:30. Not that it was light then.)
Early morning story with Great Aunt Judy. The older kiddos - Hayden and Mandy - seem to be enjoying too. Who doesn't love Dr. Suess?
Maybe I'll get some help with cleaning?
Brad's right - we've got to just get that saddle for Luke.
Chair pictures, Month 7! He's on to my tricks to make him smile. Very serious this time.
We've only been out without Levi (at night) 3 times, but one of those just HAD to be the State Fair with Tyler and Adrianne - our annual tradition. How can I turn down a night that ends with a fried brownie!?Amazing Lego displays of Lucas Oil Stadium, complete with the retracting roof....
....and The Speedway.
Our absolute favorite things are the oddities that have been judged. These identical alligators (?) in the collectible exhibit must be different somehow!
How do you judge bails of hay? This is completely fascinating to me. I've got to read the rule book.
Our dear friends, Keith and Kim, were in town from Canada and came over for a night. So great to catch up in person!
I had my first time away this month! I went to Chicago for about 36 hours for the bachelorette party of our friend, Alice (At 2nd City, on the far left in the first picture). It was a great time and Brad did just fine with LT in my absence. It was actually only AFTER I returned that Levi got fussy and seemed to realize that I had been away. It was like, "Where were you!?"
Food! I make a lot of pies during the summer - this one was to take on our lake weekend. Peach, because it's Bob Todd's favorite!
And THIS is what a tomato should look like. The glory of the Indiana summer: tomatoes out of your backyard that are red all the way through and taste so unlike any tomato you've had anywhere else that you wonder if you've ever even had a real tomato before. How I love them. My mom practically plans her summer visits around when the tomatoes ripen!

A couple more cute moments:
At the lake Judy brought Levi a balloon from the grocery store. Big excitement, followed by the somewhat predictable loosing of the balloon in the high ceiling, and the brave rescue by Bob.

There is no shortage of love between the boys - Luke, Cal and Levi. What those dogs will put up with! And when Luke has finally had enough he is even gentle about getting up and leaving, God bless, him.

Levi has many ways to let us know he is all done eating - the correct sign for "All Done", but also his own improvisation. This usually entails ripping his bib off. If there is no bib, he'll pull at his shirt. If there's no shirt, his skin will do just fine. He may not have many words yet, but he is still determined to communicate!