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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A (Much Needed) Neenie and Papa Visit!

The new year all really led up to March 14th: The blessed day when a set of grandparents would arrive here in Germany.  Levi had been eyeing the date on his calendar since we returned from Christmas, and I think perhaps it was even more looked forward to than his March 11th birthday!

First things first, his favorite place in Germany: The Deutsche Bahn's kids' area and train museum in N├╝rnberg.
Papa wasn't quite sure we were serious that grownups were allowed on the train ride, but, well, we were.
Italian vacation in Bolzano!  One of our favorite spots, it is the city just over the Alps and is lovely for weather, scenery, wine, food, and museums.  
Thanking the accordion player….
Lunch, bike riding and a park at a castle
Walking, biking and enjoying the view at our little bed and breakfast.  
And enjoying the market in town.
The biggest candy shop ever.  That face says it all.
Choosing chocolate hearts because, "I want to get some of these for my friends because I love them so much."
Love fest after making our purchases.
And receiving a special treat from the staff!
Our travel tradition: Getting wiggles out at a park.
A final walk and ice cream.
Peaking in the church.  Levi loves a prayer and a candle.
Back home again: Papa teaching Levi about iPhone pinball. 
Landsberg am Lech
A night out and belated birthday gift for me!  The hilarious yet somehow awesome ABBA Gold The Concert Show in Weilheim.  
Meanwhile, Papa reads Henry and Mudge.  Love the look of adoration on Levi's face.
After dropping Papa off at the airport, we picked up a Mater toy and visited a huge petting zoo/park.  Anything to distract from Papa's departure!
We can never be without a story.  After loading our car at Ikea, Mom and I somehow got locked out of the car while Levi sat in his carseat, keys also inside.  2 hours, frozen fingers, a frustrated locksmith (Passats are some seriously secure cars!), the keys were scooted close enough to a sad and tired Levi for him to push the correct button and let us in.  Traumatic for us all, but Levi loves being the hero in the situation!  Later, remembering how he tried so hard to unlock his carseat buckle, "I tried 100 times in a row and couldn't do it!" 
Bootlegged pic of the locksmith:
Fingers turning white from the cold.  
Levi deserving a super hero's cape when we returned home!
A special treat: Sitting on a Ducati!  Our relocation expert was kind enough to give a wide-eyed Levi a go!