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Monday, June 23, 2014

Nana and Pa's Visit

This day was much anticipated.  A few days before Nana and Pa's arrival Levi exclaimed during our calendar time, "Today is May 6th.  And tomorrow will be the 7th.  And then the 8th, and the 9th, and the 10th, and then the 11th.  And NANA AND PA WILL BE HERE!"

Staring down the clock and and the arrivals board at the airport.  Over a month later he still asks me why it took "SO long for Nana and Pa to come out?"  Every second must feel like forever when you've been counting down the months, days, and weeks.
Meanwhile, Daddy managed to fit in some fun with friends while traveling for work, an Indy Eleven soccer game!
We had no problem entertaining ourselves while waiting for Daddy to join us.  Pa had the great idea to go get Levi a real soccer ball!  And we had a great meal at what we like to call, "The New Biergarten".  Yummy Kn√∂dels!
Out for a mischievous dinner in Weilheim:
First Learning how to twirl his pasta
Playing card games with Nana
Uh-oh, idea brewing….
Making Nana and Pa "Ugga Mugga" like Daniel Tiger
Dying laughing
Requesting that Pa show him the engine of our car.
Celebrating Pa's birthday dinner at our favorite Croatian spot
Taking Nana and Pa to Olympic Park
We just had to take Nana and Pa to our favorite getaway spot - Bolzano, just across the boarder in the Dolomite section of the Italian Alps.  We went right back to our favorite little bed and breakfast where you really do feel like you can have
a vacation and escape.

Enjoying our favorite things in town - the huge candy store, the beautiful piazza, great pizza, and Nana and Pa enjoyed our favorite museum of "The Ice Man".  
Soccer in the park
My "Helper Tiger" can do everything by himself.
A soccer lesson in the yard of our bed and breakfast!
Levi loves practicing headers!

We also escaped the center of Bolzano to try out some other small towns and even do a bit of wine tasting.  Pa is toasting from this little patio with his morning wine.  (Truly, they have a wine meant to be drunk in the morning there.)
And back to our favorite castle restaurant.  
They actually know us now!  
Love these expressions as Nana reads him Charlotte's Web
at the table.
Back Home
Good ol' Cal in his favorite spot in the yard
A party at Maria's where Bob and Bonnie got to meet Levi's dear "Pink Germany House Friends", as Levi calls them.
A dinner out in the country at one of our favorite spots, Urthalerhof.  Best schnitzel, for sure.  
And Pa thinks best asparagus (Spargel) soup too!
And we found out, fantastic Kaiserschmarnn too!
Trampoline to get your wiggles out while you wait for the food….
On a mission to pick us some wildflowers...
Showing Nana and Pa around a favorite town, Landsberg am Lechs
And a stop at Andechs Monastery and Brewery is always in order….
….Pa even ate raw onions!  
And now we know to go straight to our new favorite pizza place where Levi gets his favorite "Green Leaves" pizza.  (aka arugula)
And there is a lovely country view for a country-lovin' family
Taking advantage of having babysitters,
we managed a triple date with our friends!
My dear friends, Monica and Maria
All of us out for a post-Afghan-dinner drink
Alec and Maria
Monica and Arnaud
There may have been some dancing….
A great sendoff before our summer visit Stateside!
Levi Says:
  • LT: I want Pa to put on my lotion.  Pa: Well, I'm not sure how to put on your lotion, Buddy.  LT: [Matter of factly] You just squeeze it.
  • [After Nana told him a long story in the car and said "The End"] LT: NOW.  Chapter TWO.  Chapter 2 is called, 'Scared'.  And 'Bad News'….There are 28 chapters in this book.
  • [After dinner at a restaurant]  I want to snuggle with Nana and Pa….I'm the jam, Nana and Pa are the sandwich.  Daddy, can you gobble us?
  • [Seeing Gracie staring at him at dinner time]  LT: Gracie has an appetite.  Nana: A big or a little one? LT: A big one.