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Friday, January 30, 2009

This Month in Todd Family Moments

My entry title this month is an homage to my good friend, Jen Toering Rawe, who EVERY WEEK sends out an adorable email, This Week in Maggie Moments. It highlights her daughter's funny moments and pics of that past week. Yes, this puts my blog attempts to shame. I had to do a whole month's worth of memories in one attempt. Here we go...Oh, and if you haven't check out my other recent post (Now and Then), it is worth a laugh or two.

I had a lot of traveling for auditions this winter. I was happy to have Miriam accompany me to Milwaukee for a weekend audition. We loved exploring the city, shopping a bit, eating some really good food, taking a yoga class and staying a nice hotel. Fun spontaneous girls weekend. And the audition went well, too!
This December I had quite the crazy stretch of travel. In one week I was in New York (staying with Elizabeth and Keith, of course! Met Jenny out for drinks too at the oldest bar in NY – fun!!), Philly, Atlanta (missed a connection and had to stay the night), home, Chicago (girls’ day with Miriam!) and Fort Worth! Just in one week! Needless to say, I’m really excited that I don’t have any auditions planned for January. I’m ready to be a homebody for a bit.

On the way to Philly I asked a guy in front of me on the train where the best cheesesteak is. He said to forgo the usual tourist spots and head to Jim's at 4th and South. Not only was the neighborhood very cute with some good shopping, but Jim's was all I had hoped for. My audition was just OK, but the cheesesteak was GREAT!

Jenny and I went out with Elizabeth and Keith to McSorley's - NY's oldest bar. Here, Keith is recounting a great story about a rat that almost knocked him over. Ah, New York. And I'll take this moment to congratulate Keith and Elizabeth on their upcoming move! As of Feb. 20 they will be Indiana residents again. We're so glad to have you guys back!!!

On December 20th we finally got to do something that in five years of marriage we hadn’t been able to do – throw a big party! We hadn’t had a housewarming event yet, so we decided to combine that with a big holiday get together. It turned into a family affair when my parents decided to come early before Christmas. Thank God! I could never have cooked all that food (for 30 people!) without Mom’s help. And Dad was great doing odd jobs around the house and running out for more drinks when needed. Bob and Bonnie were also a huge help. Bonnie made some of my favorite dishes and Bob played bartender/pool shark all night.

We had a lot of fun until the very wee hours over the morning. It was amazing to see so many friends from so many “worlds”. And they all got along so wonderfully! I know many people couldn’t make it home this Christmas, but we hope to see even more of you next year!

Thankfully, Jen took some pictures....Next year I'm going to scatter cameras around so the guests take care of that job for me!

Somehow Monique and I ended up arm-wrestling. I don't know the last time I arm-wrestled ANYONE! Thankfully, I was able to pull out a W, much to Monique's disgust.

Jason, Brad and Ryan manning the bar. In the punch bowl is Brad's party creation - The Cold Toddy.

Monique and Me, friends again

Elizabeth, Me and Miriam - Always a special moment when I have my two best girls in one spot!

Above: Kyle and Lexa, Sitting: Megan, James, Shanna and Kevin

Jenny, Ryan (and Ryan's holiday sweater), Megan

Shanna, Jen and Megan

Jen and Elizabeth - Elizabeth treated us all to her Nutty Irishmen shots, which were a big hit. Along with the annual party, I think that drink will have to annually be on the menu.

Elizabeth workin' at the bar

One person that couldn’t make it home for Christmas day was my very own sister, Jenny! She had to work at the fancy-schmancy restaurant where she works in New York. (It’s really good – Red Eye Grill. Definitely stop in if you are in NY.) Well, while I was in New York in the beginning of December for auditions Jen and I got an idea. Tickets happened to be really cheap, so we bought one for Jen to come out just for the party weekend! We decided not to tell Mom and Dad and let it be a huge surprise. Was it ever! (Sorry you have to listen to my annoying laughing/talking/crying as I recorded the surprise. I need to learn not to talk while recording.)

After getting delayed for most of the day, Jen made it in around 8 on Friday night, the 19th. Mom and Dad were out to dinner, so when they got home around 10, Jen and I were just casually sitting on the sofa smiling as they walked in. A priceless moment. I had my video going on my camera, and below is what I captured. Jen, of course, was the life of the party, and I’m SO glad she was able to make it!

Waiting for Mom and Dad to arrive. Luke and Gracie guarded Jen carefully. They are big fans of "Aunt Jenny".

Mom's Surprise!

Dad's Surprise!

A few days after Christmas I attended the baby shower of an old friend, Maggie Wacker Reed. Maggie, her brother Peter, Jenny and I all grew up together and our families were very close friends. As often happens, we haven’t seen as much of each other after our middle school/high school days. Recently we have gotten back in touch, even meeting up for a drink in London last year! It was so special to see Maggie and her husband, Tony, and Maggie’s mom, Cindy. Peter was home from California too, and it was great to catch up with him as well.
We can’t wait to welcome little baby Nadia Reed to the world!

Tony and Maggie opening their gifts.

Peter, Me and Maggie

Cindy and me

We also had a wonderful time catching up with our good friends Dan and Matt, who live in New York. Dan and I were apprentices with Indianapolis Opera years ago and he also sang for our first dance at our wedding! Matt is from Indiana and we love that they come back now and then to visit. Miss you both!

We've still been attending many Butler games since being back. I even got to meet the Bulldog! The 'Dawgs continue to impress this season - still only 1 loss and ranked number 13 nationally!!! We're so proud of Brad Stevens!

Almost weekly Miriam, Jen Toering Rawe, Ellen Hughes and I organized a girls' night. Recently we tried a FABULOUS Mexican place near downtown on the east side - El Sol. It was as good as the Mexican I loved in San Diego! Can't wait to go back.


Brad enjoying our leftovers, haha.

My 31st birthday was January 12th and Brad planned a "Meagan's Day of Fun"! We had lunch in Broad Ripple, he suprised me with tickets to the Butler game, then surprised me again with Miriam joining us, we had dinner at L'Explorateur (as good as any place I've ever eaten - LOVED it) and finally drinks at Nicky Blaine's downtown - Miriam joining us again. It was definitely a day of fun.

Recently we had some business in St. Louis. This was great because Polly and Andrew moved not too far from the city in Jacksonville, IL. I'd been searching for a weekend to go and visit them and this fell right in our laps. It was SO wonderful to see their beautiful new home, have lots of time to chat and catch up, and of course be amazed by Oliver. He's grown into such the little boy!

Dinner with P and A in their beautiful dining room. They made us an amazing meal with my favorite dish: Cheese Grits. Mmmmm.

Oliver might be the happiest, healthiest, sweetest little boy ever.

And he's starting to talk!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Then and Now

An old high school friend, Tami Brumett Marcheski, posted this pic on Facebook. For those of you who haven't seen it, enjoy. It's backstage at a Bye Bye Birdie rehearsal or performance. (I remember that dress, and the scene change assignments are posted right behind us.) I played Kim and Brad played Hugo - I think we are wearing the same color of lipstick! Ha! And yes, that really is Brad. Has anyone changed more? Crazy!