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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fun with Miriam, Tim and Anthony Gonzalez (That's right!)

This past month, or so, we’ve had a lot of fun with Miriam and our new friend, Tim. Our dancing sides seem to come out when together. Okay, well maybe it is more Miriam’s and my dancing side that comes out. Brad and Tim pretty much sit back, relax and laugh at us.

Out for drinks in Broad Ripple.

For some reason Tim and Brad kept high-five-ing. Not sure why.

Our good BU friend, Meghan Boots, came into town a few weeks ago. We all caught up at one of our favorite downtown spots, Nicky Blaine's, and then Chatham Tap for late night food. It was also wonderful to meet her boyfriend, Lew, for the first time!

Ha! Sorry Boots - that face is hilarious. And I love this picture.

Tim surprised Miriam with an iPhone in February. We have too much fun taking pictures, sharing apps, etc. We're total iPhone dorks now. And thanks Brad for pointing that out in this picture.

On the 22nd, the Friday before the 500, Miriam, Tim, Brad and I had SO much fun at a pre-race party at the Conrad. It was one of three nights of parties hosted by Carlos Diaz from Extra (who is originally from Indy). What a great time! Fun to get dressed up, some cool "famous" people milling around (Greg Oden, Colts player Anthony Gonzalez, Carlos himself, some of the dancers from Dancing with the Stars, a few Playboy girls thrown in for good measure, Smiley from an area morning show and even Subway Jared. Fancy, right?), a great DJ, free apps, good friends...what more could you want? Well, maybe an appearance by Peyton, but I can't have it all.

All dressed up and ready to party 500-style.

We were surprised to see our good friend, Alice, there!

Oh no...the dancing has started yet again. Somewhere Brad and Tim are laughing. Hopefully, only Brad and Tim.

Mingling with the stars, or something like that.
Miriam, me and Carlos Diaz

Dave Smiley from ZPL's morning show - we aren't special, he made that face with everyone.

Miriam, Greg Oden and me - on three steps I'm actually taller than he is!

Below, my favorite pictures from the night. I wanted a picture with Colts' receiver Anthony Gonzalez SO badly, but couldn't work up the courage to ask for one until halfway through the night. Finally, I managed to catch him as he walked by. The conversation went something - well, exactly - like this:
Me: "Hey! Would you take a picture with us"
Gonzo (looking mildly creeped out): "Um, okay."
Me: "Because you're Anthony Gonzalez, right?"
Gonzo (looking embarassed): "Yeah."
Me: "And Maybe I cheer for you on the TV?"
Gonzo (coming around a bit - Oh, this girl actually watches football): "Maybe."
Me: "And maybe I made my dog a Colts' jersey?"
Gonzo (I've won him over): "Now that's cool."


I can't explain it, but this is how the night ended. Brad wanted to stop and use the restroom on the way home. (It's a bit of a drive between our place and downtown.) So, he ran into a minimart near Lafeyette Road. While he was using the restroom, I looked at the car next to us and saw what is below. It seemed to be wearing a nice dog collar and a leash and looking for someone in particular to return. 2:30 in the morning, Lafeyette Road and a goat in a car. That's how you know it is time to go home and sleep.