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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Joy of a Fence

This week something truly momentous happened. After four years of having large dogs in small spaces, driving to dog parks or walking them every day, we finally have a fenced in yard. And not just that, but a BEAUTIFUL cedar plank fence enclosing about an acre of land. It was so exciting I wanted to hug our fence guy, Rob, from Backyard Solutions. (Had to throw in the plug - they were really great!) When he came out to do the estimate I knew he was my guy; He rescues Weimaraners and has three! A guy after my own heart.

The fence was finished around 2:00 on Tuesday. We then had to wait for Brad to come home around 6:00 for the first big moment of letting the dogs out into the yard. Until now we have gone to a nearby dog park every morning to play ball and get them tired out. Then the rest of the day they had to be taken out on-leash or stay inside the house. For them to have their own area to run and run is such a big deal for all of us. It's the whole reason we bought a home with over 2 acres, and we finally get to enjoy it!

This also made me free like a real "home owner". It's definitely our first major home purchase. I told Brad, I can't believe that we were allowed to put up a fence just 'cause we wanted to! We didn't even have to ask anyone! Certainly not a luxury you have in an apartment or rented house. It's such a strange feeling! (It also felt amazing to paint our bathroom wall - never been able to do that either! That's another blog post though....)

So, here are some fun pictures of some very happy pups. I also uploaded our first videos! (Sorry for my camera work!) Very exciting.

Relaxing after lots of ball playing.
Gracie, Luke and Cal



The payoff - Very sleepy dogs

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