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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree!

Here's the 3rd installment in my attempt to catch up after the holidays! Be sure to check out the other recent posts below. Happy New Year!

So, in five years of marriage Brad and I had never bought a Christmas tree. Of course, traveling for the holidays and tiny California apartments and homes are not conducive to tree-buying. This year we were very excited to do an old-fashioned tree decorating day. The day after Thanksgiving, which happened to be beautiful, we went to Dulls' Christmas Tree Farm in Thorntown. What a great place. They set you up with a map and a saw and send you out to choose your tree. Apparently, we like a variety that no one else prefers, because we were the only people in our section. But that just meant that we had our pick! It didn't take us long to choose our tree, toss it in the back of the truck and get it set up at home. I'm looking forward to it being an annual tradition.

The trees at Dulls

They have lots of different barns there - this one was the Wreath Barn. There was also one with hot cocoa and coffee (and the Indiana Honey Queen - not kidding), one for buying ornaments, a feed-the-sheep station for kids, a fire pit and a big barn where they clean and rope your tree. Quite the operation.

Brad cutting down our chosen tree.

I got to wheel it up the hill back to the farm.

All decorated that night with our Costco ornaments. (We only had about 10 ornaments before running to Costco and buying a box of 85!) At the tree farm we also bought a star for the top, a cardinal ornament to commemorate our first Indiana Christmas in our home, and a Santa holding a tree to commemorate our first Christmas tree. I see why people like collecting ornaments!

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