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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring is Here

Last month I had a wonderful reunion with three Butler friends. Ashley, Megan, Miriam and I were all roommates for a good chunk of our time in Alpha Phi. I couldn't have asked for better roommates or friends during that time, and since my wedding 5 years ago we had not all been in the same room! Ashley is getting married this September to a wonderful guy, Pat, and we are all involved in the wedding in some way. So that we could get to know Pat, they came into town for a reunion dinner at Cafe Nora. The thing about good old friends is that it feels like not a day has passed since you last saw them. Can't wait for more fun at the wedding, girls!

Pat and Ashley

Miriam, Me, Ash and Megan

Recently, Miriam and I took a spontaneous trip up to Chicago to visit with our friend, Katherine, again. This is turning into a favorite mini-vacation of ours, it seems. Miriam and I had a great time shopping while Kat worked on Friday, we had a wonderful tapas lunch with Kat at 1492 as a shopping break, then a great Italian dinner and drinks afterwards. We're already planning our summer trip when we're determined to do some museums, architecture tours and sidewalk cafe dining! Thanks for being such a great hostess, Kat.

Random, but true, here is a great illustration of spring being here. This is from ONE dog - our short-hair shepherd, Luke.

Speaking of dogs, we had a bit of drama this week. Yesterday, two beautiful, SWEET Pyrenees/Collie mix dogs (I seriously guessed exactly that - watching all those dog shows is paying off, haha) literally walked right onto our porch. They had no tags and burrs all through their hair. I was really afraid they had been dumped, which was a common occurrence living in the country growing up. So, I notified area animal shelters, got them all comfy in our garage (our dogs were determined to make them playmates and our poor guests were a bit overwhelmed by this) and decided to take them to the vet to scan for a microchip in the morning. This morning I did exactly that, and sure enough one of them had a microchip! With-in half an hour I was receiving a call from an extremely happy owner who lives two miles away. They had been searching for them since 10 a.m. the previous morning. Lesson learned - get your dogs microchiped! We're doing just that this weekend!

Pixie and Stormy

And one more thing...If anyone knows the engineer that made this, please give me his contact info. I am desperate for something exactly like it. And does it come in a frisbee format, too?

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