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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Jetta, 1998-2009

This month we bid farewell to an old and faithful friend, The Jetta. My (Meagan's) graduation present from Butler 10 1/2 years ago just barely made it to Tom Wood Toyota on the west side of Indy to be "traded in" for a Scion. The Jetta safely carted me literally all over this country. It was a bittersweet moment for all of us as Brad drove it out of the drive for the last time. We always knew the Jetta would let us know when it was time, and it definitely did.

I know many people picture me and my black '98 Jetta GLS as a unit, so I had to give it its due on the blog. While I had that car I graduated from college, moved to Texas, graduated from graduate school, moved to Indy, dated Brad, got married, moved to California, had my first professional jobs, moved back to Indy, and bought our first home. Pretty much my entire adult life was racked up in those 180,000 miles. Below are some of the Jetta's greatest hits and our farewell pictures. Jetta: Thanks for a good ride.

Just some of our many trips:
Twice from Indy to California
Florida to California
Countless trips between Dallas and Indy
Dallas to Mexico
Many trips between Indianapolis and New York
Indy to Amarillo
Indy to the Grand Canyon
Many trips between Indy and Florida
And all over the Midwest!

The dogs watched as we said our goodbyes. They all had many rides in The Jetta, especially Gracie. I'm sure there is still sand from San Francisco's Crissy Field in that car.

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