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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pretty Much our Whole Lives...

...Or so it seems! I'm going to skip most of the writing and let the pictures speak for themselves. It has been a busy, but very, very fun summer so far. Hope you all are having a great one, too! Happy 4th!

It's been a lovely summer - lots of rain, so everything is lush and green, but plenty of sun, too. We've had fun hanging in the yard with the dogs. I found out they will catch the ball as long as I can throw it.

Someone discovered that we have strawberries (a favorite treat) growing in the yard....

I'm excited to let everyone know that I finally have an Indy performance coming up! Along with some great Butler alums, I'm singing in a concert the first weekend of August. We've had way too much fun at the planning sessions, as you can see below. I'll be sure to send out the concert info to everyone soon.

Planning at Tim's house, I had Pia (Tim and Steve's dog) to keep me company. Like our dogs Pia is a rescue. Tim was really excited that she actually wanted to cuddle with me!

Kyle and Lexa Ferril - the founders of Full Circle Music, our hosts for the concert.

Elizabeth and Keith relaxing with Pia and Tim after our hard work planning.

Planning session number two at our house - tapas night!

We all went out to take a look at the garden. I took this picture just for Dad. See, we're all lovin' the garden!

Mom, Dad and Jenny came to visit for a while when Jen was in rehearsals for Das Rheingold with Indy Opera. I took them to my favorite Yucatan/Mexican spot downtown and Miriam came along to catch up, too. We managed to close the place down, naturally.

We had to enjoy some grilling out, of course.

Our good friend, Cindy Wacker, joined us for drinks and dinner before the opera performance. Thanks for the wonderful wine, Cindy!

Backstage after Jenny was a goddess (both literally and figuratively) in the opera. Her good friend Shanna came to see her, and Corey showed up from Boston to surprise her!

A proud family. You were awesome, Jen! And that dress...!

While Mom and Dad were here we all celebrated Bob's birthday. Even Brad's cousin, Erin, and her husband, Nate, where in town to join! I think Bob looked pretty sharp in the new fishing hat we got him.

Naturally, when Mom and Dad come to town, massive amounts of work gets done on the house. Mom and I made the front of the house our project.
First, the before:

And after:
We carried every one of those 70 lb. stones. Quite the workout! We also planted some new shrubs and flowers. Next, I'm going to till up the grass around the stones and put down some mulch. Finally, a front walk!

Dad has been excited to plant me a garden since we moved in last year. For Christmas I got enough seeds to feed a small village. When he arrived he had plans to till just a 20x10 section. A week and a half later, we had four raised beds, the tilled patch and a walled herb garden complete with iron trellis. This was about a week after Mom and Dad took off:

Lots of rain and 3 1/2 weeks later!

And 4 1/2 weeks later! It's grown even more since I took this. I think the squash plants might take over the world.

My first harvest - lettuce! Lots of huge, yummy salads that week.

We had a great night out recently with Ryan and Monique Metzing. Monique's high school friends run a WONDERFUL Italian spot, Matteo's, on the square and then we headed to Syd's just down the street for drinks. Great dinner, good friends, karaoke at a dive bar afterwards...fabulous night.

Brad and Ryan ruled the shuffleboard that night.

Two weekends ago we finally got to have a fun and relaxing weekend at Bob and Bonnie's family lake house near St. Louis. Lots of boating and eating with family. Thanks for a fun weekend, Todd's!

For race weekend we were guests of the Crisels. They have such a fun 500 tradition and made us feel just like part of the family. Plus, it was great to have so much time to catch up with Nate and Amanda. Here, Amanda and I are enjoying the race. Thanks so much for being such fabulous hosts, Crisel Family!

If you've never been to the race, the crowd is truly amazing. 400,000 people all in one organized place. It's really incredible.

I'm always amazed by the look of the cars in person. They just look so much faster than on TV - literally a blur. You can't even see them as they go by!

Babies, babies and more babies!!! The families of so many great friends are growing. When our own little one arrives we are going to have a lot of play dates to set up!

Below, Lauren Brown, myself and Abby Hoskins are at Abby and Bill's shower. They just welcomed little Lincoln on July 2nd. Congrats guys!!! And though I didn't get a picture, we just met sweet little Kinsley Stevens, daughter of Brad and Tracy. She's a beautiful, perfect little bundle. Congrats to you guys, too!

I also got to meet sweet Nadia Reed, daughter of Maggie (Wacker) and Tony, when Maggie was here visiting from southern California. Another perfect bundle, Nadia snoozed in my arms the whole time we chatted over lunch.

This spring my good friends, Jen and Eric Rawe, welcomed their second daughter, Samantha Jane. Miriam and I went over to see her and have since watched her grow right in front of our eyes. Yet another beautiful, perfect babe. And Maggie is already a pro at the big sister routine!
Jen, Maggie and Sam

Miriam, Me, Jen, Maggie and Sam

Sam already growing up just a couple weeks later!

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Ponz, Lil Ponz, and Real Lil Ponz said...

Loved the squash...thanks for meeting up with us on Sunday. We love hanging out with you guys! LEt us know more details about your performance the beginning of August. We would love to see you on stage!