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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dawgs in the Sweet Sixteen

What a month for our Butler Bulldogs and our friend, coach Brad Stevens! They finished the season undefeated in the Horizon League (pics below of the final game in Valpo which I saw with Elizabeth and Keith), won the conference championship at home in Hinkle Fieldhouse (got to see that with Bob and Miriam!) and have now passed to two teams in the tournament to make it to the Sweet 16! I thought they deserved their own post as their big game against Syracuse (Yikes! We can do it though!) is tonight. Go Dawgs!

For those reading this outside of Indiana, not a Butler fan yet? Try these two articles and we might convert you!
From the NY Times

Visiting Northern Indiana to stay with Elizabeth and Keith and attend the BU/Valpo game. Bob and a friend of his, who always roots for Valpo, make this an annual event. Though Valpo come out strong, BU was able to win easily in the end. Undefeated in conference!

Horizon League Championship Game. Cheering in Hinkle as four Bulldog players are recognized as all-conference players. We also had the league player of the year, co-defensive player of the year and coach of the year. Wow! As you can see from the scoreboard, this game against Wright State was not even close.

Love this photo from their first tournament game.

The crowd was packed into the tradition BU bar, Moe and Johnny's (the old Bulldog). Every single TV was playing Butler.

The cheering as last second ticks off. What an exciting game!

Miriam arrived early and snagged the very last booth. Thanks, Miriam!

Nina, and my new friends Steve, John and Scott joined us, too. Scott (far left) just moved to Indy this winter and played basketball in Europe. He said he'd watched Hoosiers twice that week and was fully enjoying "Hoosier Hysteria". He laughed every time the Bulldogs scored - the cheer was so loud each time, you would have thought it was a final buzzer beater! Welcome to Indiana :).

I took these videos for Brad. He loves how Gracie freaks out when we watch a sporting event - I'm a yeller, just so you know. But I thought you may like to see what life is like in the Todd household living with these monsters!

Starting the game, Gracie is getting into it, as always. As soon as she hears a crowd cheering on TV, she grabs a toy and prepares. Football games are her favorite, but basketball is a close second. Then, I discuss with Gracie how the first half went.
Lastly, we get ready to start the second half and watch BU win!

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