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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Colts Training Camp 2010

Both Brad and I have always wanted to go to Colts Training Camp. Now that they are holding it at nearby Anderson University it is an easy drive. So, we went to the 8/11 evening practice. I highly recommend going sometime. It is amazing to see the players up close in a tiny college football stadium. It's also really fun to watch the warmups and scrimmages.

I couldn't believe how many people were there. They were expecting 5,000-8,000 people and it definitely seemed like that many had shown up, despite a recent thunderstorm. Maybe the funniest/coolest/most interesting thing was how everyone watched the practice with absolute reverence. That's the only word I can think of to describe it. I was expecting people milling about, yelling, talking, but everyone sat, analyzed, cheered and seemed generally overjoyed to be watching football (as was I). Just like going to the games, I'm always amazed at how educated and serious people are about watching every play. We may have some bandwagon fans, but these are not them!

The starters looked awfully good at the first preseason game Sunday! As they said on Sports Center, more like mid-season play than preseason play.

Some fun highlights from practice:

Colts fans are hoping for an improved running game this year. This looked pretty good, even as a scrimmage:

Peyton (18) and his back up, Painter (7), running some TD passes. Hopefully, we will see a lot of this when the season starts! Note Reggie (87) receiving.

Loved this play to Garçon. During the season we often see the favorite back of the end zone pass, but this looks like a fun option - front corner!

Naturally we want Peyton to complete everything, but gosh it is good to see Bob Sanders back on the field. (Someone knock on some wood!) Great play by him:

Awesome, awesome play with Dallas Clark showing his running skills.

Okay, granted, no pressure in this practice play, but Peyton is great under pressure anyway, and it's still a good throw into some traffic. Good ol' Peyton.

Another good looking one.

And this is why we love Peyton. One of the first to practice, carrying his own pads, signed autographs for quite a while, and then was the last to leave practice as he worked with Dallas Clark after it was over. Such the professional.

Go Horse!

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