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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bring on the Holidays (Month 22)

Gosh, we have a happy boy on our hands.  Like, a seriously, seriously giggly, happy, goofy boy.  And nothing makes him happier than when he makes us laugh.  Watch out if you accidentally laugh at one of his silly sayings.  You will be hearing it for the forseable future and then he will remind you that it made you laugh.  A popular nonsense word that he enjoys bringing out for laughs is "Megoo Crabbadie....Nanny laugh!  Mama laugh!" idea where that one came from.  He also likes to, and I'm not kidding, talk about kicking poo (thanks to him kicking a stinky diaper on his changing table once).  It is hard not to laugh if, out of no where, he looks at you and exclaims, "Kick Poo!"  Ah, life with a little boy.

Speaking of life with a little boy, the train/truck/car obsession only grows stronger with every day.  I truly thought there was probably something to the theory of socialization with boys to certain toys and girls to others.  I no longer believe that.  I have in no way encouraged this crazy, complete obsession, and if anything have tried to introduce toys such as dolls, crafts, etc.  But there is no way around the fact that Levi would prefer to be scooting something with wheels at all times.  And if not actually scooting something, watching something with wheels or talking about something with wheels.  I am simply giving in at this point.  I can fight it no longer.

His growth in all areas has exploded in every way.  The amount of food he takes in is mind boggling.  He frequently eats as much as I do in one sitting.  It is not uncommon to have pants that were too big one day suddenly fit the next.  Actually over night.  Unbelievable.  And it isn't just physical.  His language delay is almost gone.  Phrases are flying out, he will repeat anything you say with no hesitation (he used to have so little confidence with that!), and he can even spell or recognize some words!  (Yes, he can spell "Train" without looking.  This is not surprising, really.)  He still enjoys scripted conversations, which he repeats multiple times a day.  A favorite is reliving crying on Halloween due to "friends in funny clothes" and Mama picking him up.  And his first longer sentence, was (I hate to admit), "Don't fish mouth me!"  Too long a story....My favorite thing that he says is "Mama's Baby Doll."  

I realized that my own aversion to numbers had been carrying over to him.  I am quick to start a craft or read a book, but reluctant to work on anything related to math.  Terrible of me!  So, I have been focusing on counting EVERYTHING lately, and it has really solidified his numbers for him.  He can now recognize them and counts spontaneously on his own.  He also really understands quantity.  He loved telling me that we were taking "two planes" to see Nanny and Papa in Florida.  Close call though.  Interesting to see how my aversions can be passed on without me even realizing.

Other quirks: Frequently requests to go to bed!  How far we've come; Freaky ability to recognize direction/routes/places - sees the Indy skyline and talks about the zoo, or points the way to Brad's work;  asked to go potty and then pooed mostly on my feet, but hey, part of the process; Obsessively finds colors EVERYWHERE; Constantly talks about his friends when he is away.  He's truly attached to them; Loves knowing the "plan" for the day and can then repeat it back to you; Has a patented "Rodeo Hand" when he dances.  Nice.

The month started out with a much-needed girls' trip to Florida with Miriam.  Lots of shopping, walks to the beach, laying by the pool, and, of course, a few drinks.  It was the longest I had been away from Levi.  Every day I sent a video telling him how many "bedtimes" until I came home, and he did great with Daddy, Nana & Pa.  

Miriam doing the tasting at A1A Brewery in St. Augustine.....

Ah, the beautiful pool at my parents' club: close to Heaven on earth on a gorgeous day like this.

A wonderful meal grilled out with Mom and Dad.  We love sitting around and chatting.  Miriam's practically part of the family now!

Naturally, a souvenir for my boy - a shark hat.  Obviously, a hit.

Halloween was not as big a hit as it looks in these pictures.  Though he LOVED going to one of his best bud's, Jacobi's, house, his outfit and the other trick-or-treaters were apparently traumatic.  Many tears and only one house later we were back in the "black car" and "home" as Levi requested.  That was after he waited in Jacobi's house constantly locking the front door to prevent the next round of trick-or-treaters.
Maybe next year....

Craft time continues at the Todd household.  Give me a box and I'll make him a road, a tunnel, a bridge, a village, a garage...whatever can be associated with something that has wheels.  

Bubble wrap in paint.  Honestly, I thought it was more fun than he did.  Again, maybe later.

Beautiful early winter days at the park.

Levi's first voting experience!  No line.  Thank you, Lord.

I had to snap a picture this evening to remember one of my sweetest parenting moments yet.  When I went in for my final check before I headed to bed, Levi, without waking, smiled and said in his sleep, "Fun."  There could be nothing sweeter for a Mama to hear.

Levi's turn in Florida!  God knew we would be signing on for 2 years in Germany before I did, of course.  That must be why he had me schedule three weeks with the grandparents in Florida.  So grateful for all that quality time.  

Levi, obviously, has NO FEAR of the ocean.  We have a new rule: You must be touching Mommy if you go near the water.  He got smacked in the face with a big wave and immediately said, "Big!  Again!"  Oh boy, here we go.....

Levi sometimes requests to "make cake."  So, we make cookies.

Still loving shaving cream and paint every day in the bath...or shower.

Walking with Mom and the dogs.  This day Levi pushed that car for OVER A MILE.  No exaggeration. 

This is what happens when your covers accidentally slide off the bed in our house.

Fantastic visit to the Jacksonville Zoo.  Petting the sting rays and feeding the giraffes were both huge hits.

Walking Luke to the beach.

Brad was excited to find two seasonal pours on the A1A tasting while we were in town for a grand total of 7 tastes.  

It's possible that one night I accidentally fell asleep while laying on Levi's little race car bed.  Tired Mama.

Thanksgiving dinner at Mom and Dad's club.  The buffet is ridiculously amazing and I don't have to wash one dish.  

Papa got out his old model trains and therefore became a god in Levi's eyes.  I see years and years of this hobby in their future.

Chair picture, Month 22!  Super silly boy this month.  And it may be the first time that he actually sat on purpose for the chair picture.

This is my favorite thing that Levi would say when his diction starting getting very clear.  It's already starting to die out and be not so cool to him anymore, so I'm glad that I caught it!  

We have a music-lovin' boy.  How the brainwashing begins early, especially while at Nanny and Papa's.  I love the "Again!" afterwards.

There was much talk of "Bee" while we were away in Florida.  That would be Jacobi, Levi's buddy at school and also a fellow Ethiopian adoptee!  They have this funny little language where they get nose to nose and say "Dadadada" with funny variations.  Who knows what they are really talking about.

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