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Friday, July 19, 2013

Nana and Pa at the Pink Germany House

What a wonderful 2 weeks we had with Bob and Bonnie to start the summer off.  I felt like they got to check off the touristy requirements, see what life is like as a local, have some time for their own adventures, but mostly lots of great who-cares-what-country-you-are-in-soak-it-up family time.

P.S.  Our normal monthly update is in the previous post if you want to see what else happened during our 3rd month here in Deutschland. 

Fun Around the House and Sightseeing in Bayern 
(a.k.a. Bavaria)

Levi and Pa gettin' some work done.

Levi's preferred way to get around Munich

Deutsches Museum - Fantastic for adults and kids alike. 
 A favorite spot.

For the first time we caught the train demonstration.  I couldn't believe our wiggle monster stayed still for the entire half-hour and then we had to explain it was time to go.  
The boy loves himself some trains!

Prost!  Complimentary digestif at our Greek restaurant.

Dinner on the terrace.  Again, Prost! 
One of Levi's favorite things to do now.

And the last night of their visit.  Cheers to a great one!  (Looking at these pictures it is now no surprise 
why Levi is obsessed with "cheers-ing.")

One of our first outings was to a favorite spot - Andechs Monastery/Brewery for May Day!  Oom-pa-pa bands, traditional dress, picnicking, looking in the beautiful church, a gorgeous view.  We love Andechs and so did Nana and Pa.

Ooooo-ing and Ahhhh-ing over the approaching cable car in Garmisch.

Made it to the top!

And the fun of the return ride...

Then Frühlingsfest in the town of Garmisch!  
Brave husband and son.  Wimpy Mama.

A rainy day at the park in Bad Tölz by the Isar River.  
Still fun even in the rain!

Crossing a Couple Boarders. 
We found a dog sitter so we were off to two favorite spots: Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic and Salzburg, my favorite European city and where I studied for a summer.  What a special trip to share with Nana and Pa.

We realized that Levi is still trying to understand the concept of different countries.  (Again, something that has made this move tricky for us!  2-3 year-olds are not known for their fantastic concept of time and place, haha.  As I write this a month and a half later I realize how far he has come in this concept though.  Whew!)  We realized he wasn't quite sure what being in yet another country meant when he said at lunch, "Go back to Czech Republic.  Go back inside there and play a little bit."....As in, our hotel room is "The Czech Republic."  Ha!   Then again a few days later, "Go back to Czech Republic.  Go in there.  Play with toys."  Too funny.

A few days after we returned home Levi reminded us about the time that that Nana said "Ha-choo!" at breakfast in "The 'Public."  
(Again, at our hotel.)  At least the trip made an impression!

Cesky Krumlov

Czech brewery for lunch....

...and the itsy-bitsy one-room restaurant where we had dinner.  
I am positive that someone's grandma was back there cooking.

Ridiculously fantastic goulash and light as air dumpling.

In the hotel, my sweet boy ready for a day of fun.

Salzburg!  Rainy the whole time, 
but absolutely nothing can ruin a trip to Salzburg.

Wandering through the cemetery where, yes, they shot the one of the final scenes in The Sound of Music.

Stopping to say a prayer.

Outside Mozart's birthplace (the yellow house) 
right in the heart of the city.

The beautiful windy streets....

Walking past my favorite pretzel stand (on the right) on the way to the tram to the Schloss.

Levi was understandably thrilled with the tram ride.

Ah, the view from the Schloss.  Amazing.

The place practically to ourselves....

Stopping in the market for my absolute favorite, Käsekrainer!!!

A boy after my own heart - loving his cheesey sausage for dinner back at the room.

Levi has found that Pa's shoulders work no matter what city we are in.  Hoping we can test that in a few more countries next visit!!

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