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Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Day in the Life of Stay-at-Home Preschool…..

People often ask what we do in our home preschool.  I thought today would be a good example, so here are my notes and a few pictures from the day's "work"….

Today we gave Daddy the car, which means we are hanging out at home for the day.  I actually love these forced days of in-home confinement.  Yes, sometimes they are tiring when Levi is having a fussy or homesick day (though I'm still glad I'm the one to help him through those), but often times they are our happiest days.  I think, though we both love learning about new places and meeting new people, at the core Levi is a homebody just like me.  It's how we refuel our introvert selves and get ready for our adventures.  Plus, Levi just really loves a day of playing (which I know is really a full day of learning).

So, here is what our day looked like during one morning of a stay-at-home day:
  • Levi cracked his own eggs for his breakfast (one of his favorite activities)
  • Took a look at Amazon River Dolphins as part of our dolphin week (a subject chosen by Levi)
  • Read aloud from Kipling's Just So Stories, "How the Leopard Got its Spots"
  • Read a new book on octopi
  • Read through a story he had made up the day before, which we typed out to make into a book.
  • Created a town and track with huge lines of traffic
  • Played with 1000 and 100 Montessori blocks
  • Watered our plants and observed how they are doing.  Turned our seedlings to see if they change position and reach back towards the sun.
  • Did our calendar activities and weather graphing chart
  • Did our quick "calendar connections" for the day.  Today we learned about Estuaries.  
  • Mini piano lesson writing the names on keys of a keyboard and then checked to see if notes of the same name sound the same.  (Also sang into the "mic" a bit for good measure.)
  • Learning pre-fractions with Montessori pouring water activities
  • Then, just some splashing and pouring for fun
  • Road his balance bike
  • Took school outside and did puzzles of: South America, North America, Europe, Asia/Oceania, The United States, The World, and Africa
  • Read lots and lots and lots of books, inside and out
  • Observed any changes in the bush we chose to watch daily during the spring
  • Put all lower case alphabet letters in order with our moveable alphabet
  • Played super heroes with a homemade cape

  • Threw balls for the dogs
  • Levi washed the wheels on his big car and tricycle
  • Took all his little toy cars outside and made "lines of traffic" out there, too
  • Observed some bees and bugs
  • Had a picnic, twice
  • Listened to some Gershwin as our composer of the month
And the afternoon….
  • Chatted and played with the neighbors
  • Rode the bike some more 
  • Watched and danced to an Amharic music video and also watched a video practicing our Amharic alphabet/vocab
  • Made a road for toy cars using painter's tape on our outdoor rug
  • Blew a lot of bubbles
  • Did some shapes stencils and then he spontaneously wrote his name
  • Showed Daddy the Amazon River Dolphins we learned about and learned about estuaries again.
  • Worked on the South America puzzle with Daddy while Mommy cooked dinner
  • Ate beans, sausage and spinach for so long that we read two more of the Just So Stories after Mommy and Daddy finished their dinners.
  • Made a "miss you!" video to send to one of Levi's best buddy back home.
  • General tickles and silliness before heading off to bed.

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