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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Our First Entry

So, inspired by our old friend, Natalie (Huskins) Razavi, we thought a blog would be a wonderful way to stay in touch with all our friends and family who are spread out from here to Vermont. (Thanks Mom and Dad! Could you get any further away?) This will also save many of you from receiving large emails full of photos of our dogs biting each other's heads. (You're welcome. And there is a picture of Cal biting Gracie's head included at the bottom. You're welcome, again.) Now you can peruse them at your leisure.

For our first entry we thought we would include some photos of:
our place here in San Diego, Cal, Gracie and Meagan getting ready for a night out, some of our favorite pictures from a recent trip to NY for Jim and Sarah Surber's wedding, highlights from our recent trip to England with the Searles, also Bob and Bonnie on the USS Midway during their 4th of July trip here to SD, and, of course, a couple fine photos of the dogs. Just to catch you all up!

Above you'll find some of our favorite links, too. Meagan has her professional websites there, and the Westside German Shepherd rescue is where we got Cal. Look for us under the "Tails of Joy" page 39! Both shepherd rescues also have opportunites to help their "Urgent Need" dogs. We like to check up on them now and then. We were so lucky to find Cal!

We'll post again when we do something else exciting.

We miss you all and hope you'll keep in touch. You have a room here in San Diego! (Except for Louis, of course. We've seen how he acts in San Diego.)

Below: The Zville boys all together.

Below: Jenny won this shirt off the bartender at our favorite Chipping Campden pub. (You can see the bartender wearing it in the background of the picture above.) She pulled her own pints the rest of the night! (And still has the shirt, too.)

Below: Hard to see in this small a picture, but Gracie is wearing a Colts bandana and Cal is wearing a Purdue bandana. (Gifts from Bob and Bonnie - thanks!) We're all ready for football season here. Someone has to represent the Indiana teams out here in crazy SoCal!


googlepassword said...

Hey! What a great idea! Keith and I may have to steal it. Awesome pictures, I especially like the one of you and Jenny in the English garden. Beautiful! Sigh...this new blog just makes me miss you guys more. We must talk soon!! xoxoxo~Elizabeth

Cindy Nevens said...

Hello! It has been so long since we have spoken to the two of you. You both look great and very happy. Glad to see you have two dogs! We also have two (Huskey/Malamute mixes - sled dogs). Things are going well for us here in Utah. We are now in our second home and finally getting some landscaping done! It will be nice for the dogs and Avey to have a yard to play in. Both of our jobs are going well and we have been doing a lot of camping this summer. Please keep in touch and know you are always welcome to visit or have a place to crash if just passing through! LOL - Cindy and Jeremy Nevens