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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thank you Bob and Bonnie!

This may seem hardly blog-worthy to many of you who have been enjoying the following activity for years and years, but last night marked a happy occasion in the Todd household. We finally grilled out on our very own grill! What could be more American than that?

Bob and Bonnie very thoughtfully gave Brad a very (very) early birthday present after seeing us pine for a grill on their recent trip to San Diego. We had our very first grilled dinner out on the patio and it was a whole new world. After living for years in city environments that didn't allow for a good ol' charcoal grill, this was like coming home. Next on the menu? Some good, midwestern venison, also thanks to Bob.

So, a huge thanks to Bob and Bonnie and an open dinner invite to the rest of you!

P.S. Another non-blog-worthy event? Last night Meagan killed a spider as big as her entire palm that was crawling on Brad's shoulder. Seriously, it was that big. Seriously. And you know how it came to be crawling on his shoulder? Covering up the grill late at night...and we've come full circle.

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