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Friday, October 5, 2007

Man of La Mancha, Continued

Here are a few more pictures that I promised. We started our second weekend of performances last night to another standing ovation. I'm getting spoiled!

My Mom and Dad arrive tomorrow and we are very excited for them to come. More pictures to follow!

This is the inside of the theater, which doesn't do it justice at all as the lights aren't on. If you get a chance check out this link:
It has some really beautiful pictures of the place. I feel so blessed to get to perform in such a gorgeous theater!

One side of the theater

The theater is right by the neighborhood sign for North Park. All the old neighborhoods in San Diego have these neat, old signs in the middle of their main streets. And, naturally, there is a Starbucks in the corner of the theater building.

The front of the theater (another view of the picture above) with Man of La Mancha in the Marquee. Right underneath the Marquee is a bar and restaurant called Hawthorne's. It opens into the lobby of the theater, so we all often head straight into it for a drink after the show. Every theater should have a restaurant and bar in the lobby!

Me in my full Antonia garb. Pretty Shakespearean, huh?

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Tyler said...

Congratulations, Meagan! Glad that things are going well with the show. And also, what a bitchin' hat. I'm sure Brad is jealous as all-get-out. He has no such lids in his collection, I suspect.