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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Man of La Mancha, Opening Weekend

Hello, Everyone!

I had promised an update of the opening weekend of Man of La Mancha. I took a few pictures on Sunday, and there are a couple below. I'm going to try to get some of the set, etc., this weekend and have some more for you. I may have the opportunity to buy professional shots at some point. If and when that happens, I will scan them and put them up, as well. Those are always the most fun to see (like the ones on my website - you get a feel for the whole show). I also need to get a few pics of the theater - it is an old, restored movie theater and is GORGEOUS inside. A great place to see a show.

The show has been going SO well. Each performance is close to sold out and we've received four standing ovations in a row! I've been surprised how much I have come to really like Man of La Mancha. The cast is truly top notch, and the directing/choreography is great, too. It is perhaps the most polished show I've been in; by the time we finally had an audience we were so ready! It is also a really small cast, and there are only 5 girls in the show. We've all gotten to know each other pretty well over the past month. The cast party on Sunday was really fun!

You can visit to see more about the show and company.

Next weekend my Mom and Dad are coming all the way from Florida for a visit and to see the Sunday matinee. We are so excited! Dad hasn't seen our house yet, and neither of them have met Cal. I'm sure we'll have lots of fun pictures to share after their visit.

This is me as Antonia and Mike Dooling, who plays my fiancé, the somewhat evil Dr. Carasco. It's so fun - I get to play a very selfish, kind of mean character for once! We are standing like this because it has become our "go-to" pose on stage, haha. Mike is also going to dog-sit for us in a couple weeks when we head home to Indy for Jason Brown's wedding. He had a shepherd/collie mix growing up, so he'll feel right at home with Cal and Gracie!

I sometimes wander into the guy's dressing room during the show (after they are all done changing, naturally!). The girl's room is up on the 2nd floor and takes way too much energy to get to, and the boys talk about sports! On the left is Chris, who is the baritone soloist at our church. He's looking up the Colts' score for me on his phone in this picture. On the right is Willie. We recently had a lively debate about the pros and cons of the draft system. (Charger fans are still a bit bitter about Eli shunning them years ago.)

Always wonder what the performers are doing during intermission? Chatting in the Green Room. Pretty exciting, huh?

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