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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Coffee for Meagan

....Not dissimilar to Flowers for Algernon

As some of you might know, Meagan has just recently begun to drink coffee. She has never liked it until the past six months or so, and is now a (decaf) coffee addict! Seeing as there are now two coffee drinkers in the house, we thought it would be a good idea to head to Bed, Bath and Beyond (armed with our weekly 20% off coupon) to finally get a coffeemaker for home. We chose a lovely Cuisinart model that grinds the beans and all.

Last night Brad gave Meagan a tutorial in how to make coffee. She has literally never made it before! (This would be the moment to interject the famous story of Meagan making coffee at the Donut Den in Zionsville, but it's a bit too long. Ask her next time you see her!) Being the good student she is, Meagan carefully watched Brad measure out the beans, place them in the grinder, fill the water up to the appropriate point and press the appropriate combination of buttons. And violÄ! Coffee! Very good coffee, actually.

So, this morning Meagan set out to make her very own pot all by herself. She went down the checklist: measure the scoops of beans, place them in the grinder, fill the water up to that line, push the appropriate buttons, and violÄ! Coffee grinds ALL OVER THE KITCHEN (which, naturally, she had just cleaned). You see, you need to also put in the filter, filter basket and pot. Where Meagan thought this coffee was going to go, we aren't sure. (Directly into her mouth?) After about 15 minutes of cleaning up coffee grounds from every crevice of the surrounding area, Meagan successfully brewed her first pot. And it was pretty tasty despite the missteps along the way.

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