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Monday, September 10, 2007

We're Boring This Week!

Hey, everyone!

We haven't forgotten the blog all this week; We just don't have anything "Blog-worthy" to report! It was a bit of a crazy week: Meagan flew to Wichita for an audition (went well) where she got to sing in a 2,000 seat hall (fun!), we loved watching the Colts kill the Saints on Thursday, Brad had a trip to the E.R. due to a hard hit on the head Thursday night which kept us there until the WEE hours of Friday morning (he's fine) and Meagan's been busy with rehearsals for Lyric Opera San Diego's production of Man of La Mancha all weekend. And naturally, we are both now playing fantasy football (Meagan's rookie season), so we've been keeping a close eye on the San Diego Squirrels (Brad) and San Diego Pandas (Meagan). Whew!

On a kind of cool note, Meagan did find out that she was accepted into the "Core" for San Diego Opera's chorus. That means that she is hired to sing in all of their shows next season. The opera here is one of the biggest in the country, so it should be a pretty cool experience to share the stage with the world-famous singers that come through!

Hopefully we'll have something more "Blog-worthy" in the near future. Keep us posted of your own news!

All the best,
Meagan and Brad

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