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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Still boring...But some fun pics!

Hey, everyone! This is just an apology to all of you that check our blog regularly - I promise we will put up something good soon :). Meagan is still crazy busy with teaching and rehearsals, leaving little to no time for anything Blog-worthy to happen. Brad has been traveling up to SF for business, too.

This weekend we are looking forward to seeing our good friend, Steve Schuppert, who will be in town for a bachelor party. We'll also be going back home to Indy for Jason Brown's wedding in about a month. It will be great to see a bunch of old friends that weekend, as well.

As for now, Meagan is getting ready to start dress rehearsals for Man of La Mancha, which opens on the 28th. We promise to post some good pics from that, too. Here's to breaking a leg!

And to makeup for not posting anything good in a while, here are some of our favorite pics from the past year:

Cal and Gracie about to receive a special treat that Brad got them for after their baths. (Yes, Brad did this COMPLETELY on his own!)

Brad and Louis at our favorite spot, Crissy Field, during Louis's visit to our home in San Francisco.

Watching the sunset in San Francisco.

Gracie about to get her treat from Brad.

Christmas Eve in San Francisco with the Todds:

Gracie at her happiest - invited on the bed!

A San Diego sunset while we were down here hunting for a place to live.

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