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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bizarro World

Last night Brad came home to an unusual site while Meagan was at rehearsal. He walked in the back door to find Cal stretched out and enjoying our large leather sofa. Even when Brad said his name in surprise, Cal remained comfy and cozy in his spot. This is extremely unusual as the dogs are not allowed on the furniture at all and tend to follow that rule practically perfectly. Brad called it "Bizarro World" and laughed it off, as did Meagan.

Then, today after returning from the gym Meagan walked into what seemed like an innocent scene: two dogs wagging their tails as she entered the back door. It was only as she wandered through the house that she noticed something amiss. A large and long animal, possibly a German Shepherd, definitely had lain on the couch. Rumpled cushions and dog hair led to this conclusion. Shaking her head, she headed to the bedroom to set down her gym bag and found another surprise. The neatly made bed was decidedly rumpled with pillows strewn all over it. It is possible that there was not one, but two German Shepherds involved in this. And it is also possible that rather than merely laying on the bed that there had been some jumping around on the bed. Hmmmmm.

What could be the reason for this sudden change in behavior? Have we truly entered "Bizarro World" (watch Seinfeld for a more detailed description of what this world is like) or could there be a cause? Could it be that the dogs no longer found their own beds sufficient? Seeing as the beds they have been using were bought to replace some far cushier, larger beds (which we could no longer find at the time), this seemed possible. Therefore, an emergency trip to Petco was undertaken. Below are the results. It looks as if the problem may be solved for now. (Note the folders lying across the couch in the background of one picture. This may also help to solve the problem, along with a closed bedroom door!)

Click on the pictures for larger versions...
Big beds for big dogs. Nice face, Cal:

Cal happy on the other:

Gracie staking her claim on one of the beds:

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