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Monday, September 3, 2007

Palomar Mountain

We just returned from a great family vacation on Palomar Mountain. We rented a little cabin 5500 feet up the mountain, piled the dogs in the car and drove an hour and a half northeast of San Diego for a three day vacation. (Still in San Diego County though - isn't that amazing?) It was a great break for us all - cooler temperatures in our shady cabin, no phone, no TV, no cell service or internet. Just lots of reading material and walks with the dogs. Gracie has always loved our getaways to the woods (Mendocino County, the Sierra's), but this was Cal's very first look at the country, seeing as he is from South Central L.A.! It was a lot of fun to see them running as fast as they could in a wide open space. I'm sure they will sleep for days!

We also got to see the first substantial rain (the first that Meagan had even seen in San Diego!) while in the cabin. We had a couple really good thunderstorms. We found out that Cal is terrified of thunder (see pic below). Gracie, however, would take it on if only she knew what it was! (Unfortunately, every time she barks at the thunder it stops, therefore making her think she has scared it off. A never-ending cycle!)

Below are some picture highlights.

I also included a funny picture at the very bottom of our version of an air conditioner. We returned today to 100-plus degree heat, and, like many Californians, we have no AC! Seeing as most days this summer have been between the 80's and 100, it has been a sticky one.

P.S. Many of you might be quicker than me, but I just realized that if you click on a picture you can view a bigger version.

Our little cabin, called The Cedars:

The meadow above the cabin where the dogs had plenty of off-leash time:

The view from about 5500 feet up Palomar Mountain:

Cal's first walk in the woods:

Playing a lot of fetch:

Stopping for A LOT of water:

Guarding the tastiest ball:

Crashing after a hard day's work. (If only they liked each other!):

Hiding from the thunder:

Taking on the thunder:

Our California A.C. (a.k.a. ice in front of the fan):

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