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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Annual December NY Trip

Every December (and frequently other random times of the year, as well) I descend upon the home of one of my very best friends, Elizabeth, and her husband, Keith, in Queens (Woodside), NY. These are fabulous visits. Technically, I am there to do opera auditions. Unofficially, I am there to sleep in late, hang out in my pj's around their apartment, shop with Elizabeth, talk and eat a lot of food. By the time my auditions roll around I am surprised that I actually have to do something productive.

This trip was as fun as promised. There was a lot of sleeping in, pj-wearing and excellent eating, plus a trip to Macy's one-day sale in Manhattan (we lived to tell about it), we saw Keith's first basketball game with his new league, had drinks afterward, and rooted on the Colts to a fabulous victory over the Ravens. Here are some picture highlights. Thanks, Elizabeth and Keith for being fabulous hosts, as always! Can't wait for the next trip. (Oh, and the auditions went well, too. That's always a bonus.)

The beloved daybed that is always synonymous with Elizabeth in my mind. She slept on it while we were Seniors at Butler, with me sometimes sleeping on the trundle below, she slept on it during grad school, and now I sleep on it every time I visit (under a Cubs blanket, naturally).

Saturday night we ordered a huge NY style pizza while we watched Superbad in our pj's. What more could you ask for?

Anyone recognize this man? I took his picture while showing Elizabeth my iphone on the subway. Ha!

This is Patty, one of Elizabeth's good friends, and Elizabeth in the bar after Keith's basketball game. Patty's fiance, Shaun, is also on the team. They looked pretty good, especially for their first game!

Keith and Elizabeth had just gotten their tree when I arrived. While waiting for the pizza Saturday night, they got a jump start on the decorating.

We had such a fun little party for the Colts game. They spoiled me with fabulous game-worthy food: Buffalo Chicken Dip, Pepperocini braised pork, homemade guacamole and pumpkin pie!

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