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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Sports Guy

As some of you know, Brad is a (somewhat reluctant) fan of Bill Simmons, a sports writer for and the magazine. Bill is known as The Sports Guy and is a HUGE Patriots fan. He also happens to HATE the Colts and Peyton, in a somewhat good-natured sportsmanlike way. But he really doesn't like them. (His wife threatened to name their new baby "Peyton Manning Simmons" if Bill tried to find sports channels in the hospital room while she was in labor. No word on how that worked out.)

Brad sent me these snippets from The Sports Guy's mailbag last week. Hilarious. I wish I knew who "Adam from Indy" was, but he's our new best friend. And Simmons' response is great. Just thought I'd share. See below...

P.S. Some of you may also know that we love The Sports Gal too. Bill Simmons' wife writes little blurbs once a week during football season, but she's on maternity leave. We greatly miss her. If you ever see her column, definitely read it. Laugh out loud funny.
Adam from Indy writes, "Congrats! You and the rest of New England are rooting for the '04 and '05 Colts: record-breaking offense, iffy defense and no running game. The Colts, on the other hand, have had some tough losses, a great running game, a physical defense and they're completely out of the spotlight. Sound familiar?"

SImmons' response:
The 10-2 Colts continue to chug along toward a first-round bye. I hate everything that's happening with this season -- my beloved Pats look completely worn out by the quest to go undefeated, the fallout from CameraGate and three straight months of the media's glare, and on the flip side, the Colts are quietly biding their time for a home playoff game in Week 19 and a cold weather war in Foxboro in Week 20. Everything about this scenario makes me nervous. Everything.
Here's a link to a great recent article Simmons wrote about taking his 2 1/2 year-old little girl to her first NBA game. Hilarious! I love it when he writes about his family. He really is very witty, even if he is a Pats fan.

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