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Friday, February 8, 2008


Hey, Everyone!

Just wanted to let you know we are still alive and well. My family and friends probably think that I am MIA. I am actually having to schedule calls with people (as in, written in my calendar and everything) to catch up. It has been hard to adjust to having rehearsal almost every single evening, save Thursdays when I teach until 7:45. I even had a matinee that started and ended at the exact same time as the Super Bowl (Yay, Eli!). The plus side is getting to sing in some great productions and I've made some new friends in the chorus (see pics from Birthday and More below). Tannhäuser closed last weekend and Maria Stuarda goes up next weekend. Whew!

I know that Brad is really excited about his visit back to Indy next weekend. I'm sure that we'll have some pics/updates from that to post, as well.

The dogs are great, too. Brad and I have gone "Dog Whisperer" on them. (If you haven't seen that TV show, you must. It's fabulous.) They are now sporting the official Cesar Milan Inc. collars and leashes and we go for daily walks where I try to remain calm and assertive. Gracie has caught on very well. I often don't even feel her on the other end of the leash. Cal would still like to insist that once we leave the house he is in charge. (Strange since he is quite submissive INSIDE. Huh.) He loves to slowly inch his way in front of me as we walk. He is making progress little by little, however. They make quite the impressive pair walking on either side of me, that is for sure! A lady the other day remarked, "That is a lot of dog for a little girl like yourself." She's not kidding.

And a Congrats to Brad Stevens and the Butler Bulldogs. GREAT nationally televised game against Valpo on Tuesday. Wow! I stayed home sick from rehearsal (really was sick, a bonus that I got to watch the game) and hadn't planned on expending that much energy, but it was worth it. We're so proud of our Bulldogs and Zville alum.

One last thing - I am now officially hooked on Facebook. So, if you are on there, too, friend me :)!

More to come soon...

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