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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Perfect Day

Just had to share a couple photos from a wonderful Saturday. Though I had rehearsal at 6:30 Saturday evening, we managed to fill the day with a weekend's worth of activities. After sleeping in until 9 we took the dogs to the dog wash. There they received blueberry facials from the staff before we washed them (seriously). They are very soft and shiny now. Then we (humans only) hit Whole Foods to get some yummy cheeses, olives, salami, bread and salads for a picnic on Coronado - the "island" that looks back to downtown San Diego. It was a perfect 75 degree day and for some reason the park looking back to San Diego wasn't at all crowded. Then we walked around Coronado, shopped a bit and got some ice cream. When we finally came home to our clean dogs we all took a nap before I had to head off to rehearsal. Does it get any better?

Miss you all...

Stretched out enjoying the view:

A classic sign on the door of the pet store in town (click for a larger view):

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