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Saturday, March 1, 2008

So much news, So little time

As many of you may have heard:


I've been holding off on another Blog entry for over two weeks as we waited to see what would happen. We are so excited to be moving back to the Indy area. Brad got an offer from a wonderful recruiting firm in Keystone this past Tuesday and we accepted it. (Thanks Ryan Metzing for making the introduction!!!) So, after I finish my last performance with San Diego Opera on April 2 we will load up both cars to caravan across the country. Hopefully, we will be arriving at our new home! Brad is spontaneously heading to Indy tonight through Sunday to begin our home search. It is all so exciting!

I have so much more to tell all of you, and one of MY goals for the weekend (since I have to stay in San Diego for rehearsals) is to give you a complete update with visual aids. So, be sure to check back soon and often for all the news and highlights.

Can't wait to spend more time with all of you in the Midwest and on the East Coast. For those of you in California, thanks for a fun 10 years for Brad and almost 5 for Meagan! We certainly wouldn't trade our time out here for anything.

More to come....

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