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Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Visit with the Moss Family!

We were so blessed to have Cori, Pat, Olivia and Jacob Moss make the trip from L.A. to San Diego to spend a day and night with us. Our families go way back - I nannied for Olivia (a.k.a. Osha to me) back before Brad and I were married and then some during our first year of marriage. Cori, Pat and Osh even made the cross-country trip to our wedding in 2003 so that Olivia could be our flower girl! Our families have always had a special place in each other's hearts.

It had been years since we had seen the Moss family - since before we moved to San Francisco in 2004! But it was like a day hadn't passed. Olivia has grown into such a beautiful, sweet and intelligent 7 year-old (!) girl, and now there is the adorable and rolly-polly baby bro Jacob, too! We had so much fun hanging out at the house, playing with the dogs and then a fun day at San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park.

Thank you, Moss Fam, for a great visit!

Olivia and I were first up and had a lovely breakfast together. Brad and I got her this horse and Olivia introduced her favorite toy, Cherry Bear, to her new friend, Fudge the Horse.

Happy Baby Jacob! He has just learned to walk and was very excited about his new independence.

The dogs were SO great with Olivia. We had a lot of fun playing ball. Then we took some pictures for Olivia to turn into a book about her experience. (She's quite the writer!) This is Luke, who we nicknamed "The Chomper" due to him chomping on tennis balls.

We dubbed Cal "The Kisser" thanks to a nice sloppy kiss Olivia received up the back of her head.

And Gracie is known as "The Boss" because, well, she is! Olivia's book was titled: The Chomper, The Kisser and the Boss and she dedicated it to us!

Olivia kept a list of "Animals and Things" while we were at the Wild Animal Park. When we left she was up to somewhere around 70.

Jacob was very helpful in pointing out where we should have lunch on the map!

Sleeping Lions - note the cubs inside the truck!

Daddy lion and one of the cubs - they have seven cubs right now!

One of the HUGE Asian Elephants that put on a great show for us.

Olivia LOVED the fans that sprayed cooling water on us in the 90 degree heat that day.

The Moss Family

Me, Brad and Osh

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