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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Dog!

On Saturday we added a new German Shepherd, Luke, to the family! Like Cal, Luke was rescued from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in L.A. and he's fitting right into the family already. Hard to believe he's only been here since Saturday afternoon. I can already see how they are going to all be best buds. Seeing as Gracie went through a transition like this when we got Cal she has been completely unconcerned. Cal started out being a little protective over Brad and me, but he also has relaxed and frequently invites Luke to play. Today they both spent the entire morning "clomping" around together and letting me know that they wanted me to get up.

Luke, like Gracie, is about 3 years old. Cal is the youngster at about 2. They are all, thankfully, pretty much out of puppyhood and are nice, calm dogs as long as we get some good ball sessions in. They pretty much sleep all day - life is hard for a dog.

We can't wait to see these three running in a giant yard in Indiana. They're going to be very happy!

Below: Adopting Cal from the Westside German Shepherd Rescue in L.A. He was bounced around from a high kill shelter, the kennel at the rescue, a foster home and now finally home with us. He also must have spent some time tied up outside because one of his ears shows signs of being fly-bitten. You can tell he thinks he's hit the jackpot here with us!
(He has a breeder tattoo and looks to be from German import lines, but no one wanted him 'cause of his floppy ear! Crazy, huh?)

Testing out his new bed on the ride home from the rescue

The view from the dining room table as I work on my taxes

Gracie and Luke cuddling

Luke with his new toy

A backyard portrait

Worn out after a busy day

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