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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Favorite Photos of the Last Week

Here are some fun pictures from the past week, or so. It's been a busy but fun one. We're also getting closer to our move on April 5! I'm sure we'll have more to share of our last few weeks in San Diego coming up.

I've made some great friends here in the San Diego Opera's chorus. We've spent almost every evening together since mid-Dec., so it's a good thing we like each other! Some of us went out Sat. night to celebrate an early St. Pat's Day.
This is Courtney, Todd, Me and Julia at my favorite martini bar downtown.

Courtney, Me and Julia laughing, as always. I can't believe that the chorus master at the opera hasn't separated us in rehearsals.

Our wonderful chorus friend, Victoria, and her husband, Simeon, who is doing a great job as a principle in Pagliacci.

Julia was a big fan of the Almond Joy martini - every last little piece of coconut had to be retrieved from the bottom of the glass.

She'll probably kill me for putting this picture up, but it was too funny. This is now what I see when Julia calls me on my iphone.

Brad was lucky enough to be in San Fran for business at the same time his good friend, Keith, was also there. They both met up with Meghan Boots, one of my Butler Alpha Phi sorority sisters, to root on the Bulldogs in the Horizon League tournament. Here they are at our favorite San Fran Italian spot, Ristorante Milano. I'm so jealous! I dream about their homemade noodles and lasagna.

Cal fell asleep with his head on my feet the other day. I managed to turn the computer around in my lap and take a picture with the camera on our Mac. So cute. I rarely make a move without two-three German Shepherds flanking me. Sometimes Luke even steps on the backs of my shoes he's so close!

Poor, sweet Luke. I had to take a picture that shows how terribly skinny he is right now! His appetite is just unbelievable now that he is comfy in our house. He definitely needs some fattening up and can't seem to get enough food! Hopefully, you'll be able to see a difference in months to come. Cal was 20-25 lbs underweight when we got him and it took him a good 6 months to fill out.

Vicious Gracie! Gracie and Cal just LOVE to wrestle. They sound and look so vicious when they play (look at that face!) and then stop and wag their tails. It's so funny.

The also like to stand and fight sometimes. I tried to capture my favorite pose when they put their paws on each other's shoulders and look like bears, but this one is pretty good, too.

On Sunday Brad and I got In-N-Out Burger. Now that is something I will miss from our time on the west coast. If you've never had In-N-Out, next time you're out here you have to see if there is one near you. Everything is very fresh, never frozen and SO good. And I'm not even a hamburger lover. I had to take a picture to remember it after we leave.

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