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Saturday, March 29, 2008

San Diego Opera's Cav/Pag

Though I had to bow out of the last two opera's of San Diego Opera's season due to our move next week, I am definitely going out on a high note. Right now we are performing Cavelleria Rusticana and Pagliacci (two short operas - a double header and Cav/Pag for short). They have very fun and active choruses, great music and beautiful costumes that were built just for us!

We have TWO world-famous tenors singing the lead roles, Richard Leach in Cav and José Cura in Pagliacci. Oh my goodness. They are both amazing, but Cura is maybe the best voice I have ever heard live. It is what I imagine Fanco Corelli, one of the best tenors that has ever lived, would sound like live. Cura has performed Pagliacci over 100 times all over the world and has even conducted at some of the great opera houses and symphonies, too! He is obviously an amazing musician and sings so confidently and freely. Then add the fact that he has a perfectly built instrument, is handsome and a wonderful actor. I can't believe that I get to stand inches away from him as he sings - I can literally see down his throat!!! I almost can't concentrate after some of his high notes. It's has truly been a defining moment in my singing career. He does have a great website:

Anyway, it's a wonderful way to end my time in San Diego. Here are a few backstage pics.

The banner hanging from the Civic Center theater showing Richard Leach and José Cura.

Hanging out in our dressing room - we each have our assigned mirrored spot and "closet" where our costumes hang.

My good friends Julia and Courtney - all of us in our Cav costumes.

My full Cav costume. Looks like Mary Poppins, huh? Like the wig?

Courtney, me and our good friend, Victoria, in our Pag costumes.

My full Pag costume. I love this one - reminds me of Jane Seymore in Somewhere in Time.

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