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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Friends in San Diego

As you can tell from some of our recent blog posts, I've made some great friends through San Diego Opera. We will all be going our separate ways sooner or later, but it has been very fun to have time together these past few months. Julia is so sweet. She threw a going away party for Brad and me at her house after our matinee on Sunday. Excellent lasagna made by Julia and Victoria, a lovely setting at Julia's parents, great drinks and fabulous company. What more could you want? It was such a fun evening.

My old friend, Mike Hartley, had just arrived to visit Nick Hartley, who is finishing as an apprentice with the opera. It was so great to see him and catch up!

The boys - Sam, Todd, Nick (all apprentices with the opera) and Brad

Julia had some tables and lanterns set up outside. It was a lovely place to enjoy our lasagna. (I had three servings.)

Michelle makes the best drink - we call it Mango Madness. It has vanilla sugar around the edge. Mmmmmm.

Julia rounded up some help in the kitchen.

My good friend, Courtney! We have been in assigned seats next to each other at every rehearsal and also in the dressing rooms. That's a lot of quality time. Brad likes to say that when I get home I'm 3/4 Meagan and 1/4 Courtney, haha.

Victoria and Crystal joined us for dessert and playing a really fun game. I can't remember the name, but I must teach it to you all. We played boys against girls and the boys just barely won - whatever. But we were still quite the cute group at the end of it all.

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