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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mom Visits San Diego

I like to tell my mother that she is toying with sainthood. She came all the way from Florida to help us pack. Then when she got here she was like a little southern tornado throwing things into boxes as I taught voice lessons and sorted through everything in the house. I think she ended up packing about 35 boxes just herself! Not to mention the fact that I would drag her into every lesson to work her voice teacher magic. The students were quite in awe of her.

We tried to make it up to her by eating our way through our favorite San Diego spots. We had plenty of very authentic Mexican, visited our favorite farm-to-table restaurant, a great Moroccan place, two brunch spots that we love, and a great dessert spot, too! Good thing that packing and loading up a moving truck is such a workout!

(The dogs were also in awe of "grandma." She could barely move without three German Shepherds herding her up. They just LOVE her. I think they can tell right away that she is related to us and part of the family. It's taken a few days for them to calm down after realizing that she has left. They were not initially pleased at her absence, that is for sure. They are also not pleased about the boxes. Life is hard for a dog, I guess! I keep telling them that soon they will be Indiana dogs and have a giant yard. They are skeptical. Anyway...)

Mom got to come and see a performance of Cav/Pag at the opera. Afterwards we grabbed a drink and caught up with Nick, who studied voice with her at Butler! Small, small world.

Finishing off the week at our favorite dessert spot, Heaven Sent. Their bourbon bread pudding and dutch apple pie are unbelievable. Even mom couldn't stop herself.

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