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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Home in Zionsville, IN

Since returning to Indiana we've been making our home at Brad's parents, Bob and Bonnie Todd, until we get settled. I know, most people can't imagine moving in with their in-laws, but I happen to have the BEST in-laws in the world. They are just so sweet - cleaning out closets to make room for our clothes, fixing up the garage for the dogs, and Bonnie even turned Brad's old room into the cutest sitting room for us. We've been very comfy.

The dogs LOVE the giant yard they have to play lots of ball. I was worried they would take off and rum into everyone else's yard, but they have been perfect. Even when other dogs are out in their yards, Luke, Cal and Gracie keep chasing that ball with a lot of focus - they are working dogs, I guess. Otherwise they have been hanging out on the Todd's large deck, which they seem to love. It has lots of room to play and is a perfect place to sit and watch the neighborhood.

The dogs have definitely been a lot more hyper and "bark-y" since arriving here. I've been wondering what happened to those sleepy dogs that used to just follow me around the house and hang out at my feet. But there are lots of new noises, smells, people here, and a new home on top of it all. We're also having to go through a bit of patio and garage "housebreaking". They seem a bit confused if these areas are inside or outside, which is logical. I guess if some extra energy, barking and a few accidents are the worst that happens, we're doing pretty well.

Poor Luke also had a vet apt. the other day. I'd noticed that his stiches from his neutering were looking really irritated and bleeding some. We've had him for over a month now, and the stitches didn't seem to be falling out or disintegrating. Guess what the problem was? The vet, Dr. Wasem - the best vet in the entire world; I love this guy - discovered that they were METAL stiches! No one told us! I bet they didn't even know at the rescue. The stitches looked like little pieces of barbed wire when they took them out. Poor Luke. But he's feeling much better now. He was so sweet while at the vet. He got very shy and hid behind my legs just poking his head out to look around. But he let Dr. Wasem poke and prod with no trouble at all. Luke's such a gentle giant.

Last night I got to finally go out with one of my very best friends, Miriam. It was just like old times. We went to our very favorite clothing story, Anthropologie. Then we headed to our favorite Greek place, Hella's, and ordered what we always used to get. (See picture below - yes, I took a picture. I've missed this place!) It was like not a day had passed and I had never moved away. There was even the same belly dancer with the same moves when we walked into the restaurant! Next weekend I'm heading to Chicago with Miriam to spend time with a couple sorority sisters, Kat and Nina. Should be fun!

Right now we're sitting and watching the Masters. Later on I'm looking forward to some of Bob's grilled venison for dinner. Brad and I also grabbed some BW's for lunch. I can't believe I can get that any time I want now. Gosh, that hot sauce is so good!

Posing in front of their favorite new spot, Bob and Bonnie's sloping backyard.

Handsome Luke on the deck.

Tired pups after playing ball.

Happy Gracie - she's a big fan of the Indiana spring so far. She even liked the warm rain and she always HATED rain before!

Miriam in front of her Prism. She's about to get a new car, so I had to take a picture when she came to pick me up at Bob and Bonnie's. We've gone a lot of places in that Prism!

Ah, the Meagan and Miriam special. We don't like to share either, so don't try and sway us from our regular order - a platter of Greek dips, calamari and a Greek salad.

Back at Hella's after all these years!

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