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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Two Must-Try's

Just had to let all of you Indy residents know about two great little food spots.

One is Tata's, a Cuban restaurant downtown on Market near Capitol. It opened 5 months ago, is very authentic with the owner presiding over everything, and an excellent deal. Share a cuban sandwich (the first one on the menu is the standard and very yummy) and one of the entrees (#12 was great) along with a plate of fried Yuca. Ask for some of their garlic/lime sauce on the side for dipping. Perfection.

The other spot, Delullo's, is located north of Zionsville on 32 at Joliet Rd. It's a tiny pizzaria/pasta joint owned by an Italian brother and sister, Dan and Kay Delullo. It's just a cutely decorated room with maybe six tables. They make their pizza dough and tomato sauce from scratch, the pasta comes fresh from an Italian specialty store, and their Italian cheeses hail from a company in Wisconsin, Grände. So good! Split a pizza (the classic Margherita is great), the amazing lasagna (five layers of paper-thin, fresh pasta with seasoned meat, mushrooms, their homemade tomato sauce, and just a bit of cheese to top it off) and a salad with their homemade herb-balsamic dressing. (The bruschetta looked wonderful at the next table, too.) End with tiramisu - maybe the best I've had, and we had some darn good tiramisu in San Fran. No wine, but bring your own! And expect the owners to introduce themselves. Dan stopped by our table and exclaimed, "I don't know you! Your first time in?" Gotta love that.
Afterwards, if you want to make a night of it, you aren't far from all the shops/movie theater at 31 and 146th.


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