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Friday, May 2, 2008

Touch of Cleveland?

Just had to share this photo Miriam sent me of a restaurant in the area by her house. I've never seen anything quite like it. Not sure if we'll ever try it, but the photo is pretty great. Note the hooded figures and the misspelling of "restaurant".

All else is going well here. Brad's taken off for the med school graduation party of a good friend in Michigan. Wish I could go, but someone has to stay with the dogs! I'll be taking my own trip Monday and Tuesday for an audition in Wichita, KS.

We had fun on Sunday seeing Oliver Martin Jones, Polly and Andrew's baby boy, being baptized at St. Luke's Methodist. He wore the most beautiful gown which all the children in their family wear for their baptisms. It was really special to be there. There was also quite the commotion since Obama "secretly" (with news trucks in tow and a grand entrance 10 minutes before the service started at one of the biggest churches in Indy - ha! - very convenient) decided to attend service at St. Luke's that day. A bit frustrating since it was difficult to begin church and I look forward to that being my special time every week. (And really, campaigning in a church? No matter what your political views that seems a bit tasteless.) Certainly will be a story for Oliver when he's older!

I'm sure Brad will have a fun entry to post from his time in Michigan. Till then, enjoy A Touch of Cleveland....
(click for a larger view)

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