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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Football is Here!

Though Brad is up in San Francisco this Monday night on business, Meagan, Gracie and Cal are holding down the fort for the Colts on Monday Night Football. We know it's only preseason, and Lord knows those aren't "real" games with the Colts, but boy does it feel good to see those blue uniforms and a full RCA Dome. And this time as defending champs! We didn't know that football season could end like it did last season, and we're also realizing that we didn't know it could begin like this either! How fun to see all the coverage about the "Champion Colts" as all the preseason hype gets going.

Win or Loose, Repeat or not, Preseason or Regular game, we love our Colts!

Cal sporting his Colts bandana....Cal is a bit confused right now. This is his first football season with us. He's a bit concerned about all the yelling I'm doing!

Gracie sporting her Purdue bandana...This being her third football season she is an old pro at weathering all the drama.

Gracie and Cal ready to watch the game

You have to appreciate how difficult this picture was to take (our first and only attempt). To get both dogs to sit and stay, balance the camera on the back of the couch and get there in time - all not easy. I hope you'll forgive me cutting off the top of my head!

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