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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vegas '07 - A Study in Contrasts

Incase you haven't been to Vegas in August, it is HOT. The 110-plus degree heat is actually a plus for those of us close enough to take advantage of the crazy hotel deals in this slow tourist season. So, a couple weeks ago we spontaneously planned a long weekend thanks to a wonderful package available for two nights/three days at the Ritz in Lake Las Vegas (about 15 miles away from the actual strip). It was the most wonderful little vacation! One of those where at every minute you are doing exactly what you want to be doing, completely happy and you come home feeling wonderfully refreshed. We definitely want to move into the Ritz.

Along with the wonderful hotel stay we also enjoyed an amazing dinner at Craft Steak (owned by Tom Colicchio - head judge on Bravo's Top Chef), came out about $50 up thanks to Brad's Black Jack skills (and DESPITE Meagan's nickel slot luck) and ate at a massive seafood buffet. What more could you want for a long weekend?

Perhaps we enjoyed the Ritz even more due to where we stayed the first night of our trip. We wanted to take off Thursday night and decided to stay at the CA/NV state line in the casino stop of Primm, NV. Brad and his friends have always called this spot "Fakey Vegas" due to the fact that it always fakes you out into thinking that you have arrived at Vegas, only to realize that it isn't Vegas and you still have an hour to go. So, for a grand total of $40 we were guests at Buffalo Bill's Hotel and Casino. Now, Buffalo Bill's is perfectly nice, clean and fun, plus it has a great $6 breakfast buffet. We also received free T-shirts for joining their rewards club. How can you argue with that? (And by the way, at the Ritz' casino we received free dishware for joining THEIR rewards club. The first of many contrasts in our trip.) I think the pictures below can say the rest.

Miss you all! If you ever get to Vegas, we'll meet you there!

The Ritz, Lake Las Vegas (Imagine the valets parking Meagan's little black Jetta with 152,000 miles on it - hilarious.)

Buffalo Bill's, Primm, NV

The Pool at The Ritz

The Pool at Buffalo Bill's (taken from our room window)

The view over the "European Village" below our room at the Ritz

The view from our room window at Buffalo Bill's. (Yes, that's a roller coaster below - it continues through the attached casino!)

And here are a few more favorites:

Enjoying dinner at Craft Steak

The Spa and Fitness complex at the Ritz where we spent a lot of time relaxing. (And actually working out, too, surprisingly enough!)

We kicked off our trip by eating dinner at the only B-dubs on the West Coast in Riverside, CA (near L.A.).

The Sports Book at the MGM Grand on the Strip

Meagan in front of the Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand. (Yes, they have live lions in the middle of the casino! Crazy.)

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