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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


On Saturday night we had the highlight of the week:
The movie Superbad +
a (contraband in Meagan's purse) Cubs flask of Malibu Rum +
a large Diet Coke purchased at the theater.

We recommend this recipe to all of you who are over 21 and would think a ridiculous movie like Superbad is hilarious. (Which we did. And if you married your high school sweetheart, that is a bonus. Ah, the awkward days of high much fun to laugh at later. Mom and Dad - you may not like this movie so much. Bob Todd, you would. Bonnie, you're a toss up; you might surprise me!)

And by the way (for those of you who have seen this movie), is that seriously what high schoolers are doing these days? Completely frightening. Note to our parents: You had it SO good.

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