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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday and More

Hello, Everyone! Below are some pics from my 30th (Yes, the big 3-0) birthday, which was Jan. 12th. Considering that I had five hours of rehearsal that day, it was a pretty good birthday! Brad and I celebrated the Thursday before, which is my only free night these days. We had a great dinner at a new spot, The Guild, and then had drinks at a favorite bar in the Gaslamp district of San Diego. On my actual birthday that Saturday we went to my favorite brunch spot, Park House, and then I was on to rehearsal.

As you will see, my new opera chorus friends came through for me and helped me celebrate during our dinner break that day. We went to a San Diego brewery, Karl Strauss, and had a really fun dinner. Even some of the leads from Tannhäuser joined us. It was fun to have a bit of a birthday party!

I also threw in a couple pictures of some of us grabbing drinks after a recent rehearsal. We opened Tannhäuser this past weekend and am already rehearsing the next show. It is all going well, though busy! Nothing too much else going on - lots of teaching and Brad is up in SF this week for work. He's looking forward to a trip back to Indy in a few weeks for a visit. I can't go due to rehearsals, but plan on living vicariously through him. I believe he and Bob are even going to take in a Butler game!

Miss you all and hope you are well.

Ready to go out to dinner. The pups had to stay home, but paused for a picture:

A "self-portrait" while having drinks at a favorite bar, Bittersweet:

Out to brunch at Park House before rehearsal. Homemade chorizo - yum!

About 15 of us out to dinner at Karl Strauss for my birthday during our dinner break:

Out for drinks after rehearsal - my old bud Nick Hartley is in his second year as an apprentice with SD Opera and is also singing in the chorus. It's been fun to catch up!

Some of my new chorus friends, Julia and Courtney:

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