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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Fun in Vermont

Brad and I went out for a New Year's drink at a favorite restaurant in Woodstock, Bentley's. They had tons of ornaments and streamers hanging from the ceiling. And guess who was sitting right behind Brad's shoulder? Martina McBride and her family! I was hoping that they guy who took our picture would accidentally get her, too, but you'll just have to take my word for it.

The beautiful little church where Mom and Dad attend. We just love the preacher there! Delivers his sermons like Dr. Phil and has the absolute best things to say. So great.

One of the main corners in the lovely little town of Woodstock. It has a lot of great shops and restaurants and we did a lot of wandering around there. We even found a great little tavern where we watched Butler's amazing game against Southern Illinois. (And the girl who sat next to us has a brother-in-law who plays lacrosse at Butler! What are the chances?!)

One of the local breweries, Long Trail. Brad was a huge fan - especially of their "Hibernator". If you ever see it, give it a try.

Both Brad and Dad (!) got the sampler at Long Trail when we went for lunch. Very cute - served in a muffin tin.

While eating lunch at Long Trail this was the window by our table - piled with snow! At one point more snow from the roof fell on the mound and about gave us a heart attack. It sounded like someone threw a massive snowball at the window - or maybe they did. We still aren't sure.

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